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photobooths and vintage cars, where do i look?

Hey all, I was curious, I wanted to get one of these for our reception...  I was wondering how much those run and if anyone knows of where I could find one...  Also, I wanted to get an old vintage car instead of a limo, but haven't had much luck....  Are they cheaper, more expensive than a limo???  any suggestions????

Re: photobooths and vintage cars, where do i look?

  • I used Photo Booths for Parties. They were the best price I could find for the quality delivered. Also, the owners were super awesome. I TOTALLY recommend them 1000%.

    I looked into getting a classic car and the few companies I did find were more expensive than limos. I don't remember any of the names of the companies I looked at though...sorry.

  • I went to a bridal show on Sunday at Etiwanda Gardens. They had a lot of vendors. Photo Booth was one... I'm going to book them. They only charge $695 for 4 hours of unlimited photos. To make the deal even better two photos print out each time they supply an album your guests keep one and put the other in the album and write the newlyweds a message. How cool is that.
    this is their website.

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