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I was wondering if anyone had or is planning on having their wedding at Valle Vista Country Club? and if so are they decently priced?

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    I know there are several girls on here that have recently had their weddings at Valle Vista. When I compared my options, I decided not to go there. They are a little on the pricey side, so I am using the Knights of Columbus in Greenwood. They are much more affordable and are letting me bring in any caterer I want.  It's worth looking at if you haven't signed a contract yet.
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    We used Valle Vista and had a great experience.

    Compared to other places with their setting I thought they were reasonably priced.  They don't charge a room fee and they don't have a maximum you have to spend, so they will work with you to create on option for your budget.  That was great because we paid for our own wedding and really needed to keep it within budget.

    [email protected] is awesome if you want to email her she will send you the current pricing options. 

    You can see pictures from our reception here:
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    Thank you...we went and visted Rosie and signed a contract so its official thats where we are getting married....The place is so beautiful I cant wait
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    congrats!  Rosie and Donna are awesome.  You are in great hands!
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    Ya we had intended on getting married there too, but after they told us they were not booked on our date- they were! So we had to change. But we are going right up the street to Johnathon Byrd's banquet center. I KNOW at first I was like (with the cafeteria!). But the banquet center is nice and separate from teh cafeteria. and the ball room is big and the food is good. Plus thus far Ken has been super easy to work with. And everything is reasonably priced- even the bar prices!
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