Need lots of Tulle!

Our wedding is July 2, 2011 so if you are getting married before then and have white tulle, I would love to buy it from you! Or I'm totally willing to take suggestions on where to get it super cheap. We're decorating the Event Center at the Boone Co Fairgrounds and it's going to take a lot of tulle to cover up some of the walls where we want the head table and cake table and the dance floor. 
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Re: Need lots of Tulle!

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    Christy-I tried to private message you but it won't let me.  I am Chad's cousin and am getting married 9.10.11 near Genoa.  I can't help you with the white tulle but I am curious if you have booked a DJ yet and who you are going with?  You can add me on facebook if you have it, I'm friends with Chad...he'll know who I am.  :)
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    or something like that
    has really cheap fabric/tulle/etc.  I'd check there!

    we'll have lots of gauzy fabric left over from our wedding (10/23/10) that you're welcome to buy from us if you'd like
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    I always purchase buy the bolt at Hobby Lobby and use their 40% off coupon.  Comes out to be fairly inexpensive.  Hint:  don't buy the sparkle tulle.  Sparkle is harder to manipulate and costs more.  You can't tell the difference when it is up.
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