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August 2012 Weddings


I ordered FH ring from Tanga.com  got it in and it was way to big. Reordered it and got an email that my order was shipped on 8/8. I FINALLY can track my order and they only shipped it yesterday!!!! it has a deleivery date of 8/20 our wedding is 8/18!!!!! I AM SO FREAKING ANNOYED !
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Re: REALLY!!!!

  • ugh that does suck!
    We didn;t have enought money in our budget for nice wedding bands, so we ordered a couple of fake ones from amazon for like 10 dollars. one came in in like 2 days the other 3 days.
  • Do you still have the original ring or can you use something else for the ceremony?

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  • I know you said the band you have doesn't fit, but can you pretend to place it on his finger during the ceremony and then take it off after?  Neither DH or my wedding band fit properly for the ceremony, so we just pretended to place them on our fingers, and then I wore my engagement ring for the rest of the night.

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  • We do have the original so we will use that and theen he will just take it off after. His sister lives next door and is watching for it until friday. the last one came in a few days early so we are praying it comes in before she comes up here for the wedding.
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