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I have heard some people have had a hard time getting their deposit back from The View Point Inn. Has anyone had this experience or know of someone who has? Or, has anyone had a good experience with them? TIA!
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Re: The View Point Inn

  • southpaw97209southpaw97209 member
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    They are CONSTANTLY hiring as no one stays there very long.  I look at this as a VERY bad sign.  Plus, there are financial problems that are well known.  Look on craigslist right now, I think they are hiring for a minimum of three positions and have been for months. I had a friend interview there and say they were crazy. BEWARE!
  • fire0513flyfire0513fly member
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    THEY OWNER GEOF IS a Class A, asssshole! He micro-manages and puts down his staff so much (along with other things), that our experience was horrible. We were married there this past February. I do not reccomend anyone getting married there. I am sure they blamed everything on the past wedding coordinator (they did that with us), but Jenni was AWESOME, she (and the staff, who are wonderful!) was the only saving grace we had with them. She was the 5th one, they had since the owners bought it, that makes 6 that have guit now (maybe more since Feb?). That alone should speak volumes. She quit right after our wedding. She had enough. Last I talked to her, they had not payed her yet. This was months after she quit. The coordinator before was on her honeymoon and had her last check bounce! The owner Geoff is HORRIBLE. He talks down to his staff and had no problem doing it front of our guests at our wedding. He tried to jack up the prices of wine and beer, even though we had a contract. Told us we could not have sparkly white lights up the day before our wedding, something he verbally said we could do. He was so rude to our vendors, it was sad. Some of them even came off his own prefered vendor list. There is so much more but, seriously, just writing this pissses me off, all over again! If I had not sent out the save the dates, we would have thrown away our deposit and ran for the hills. We actually went as far as to contact another site, it was that bad. One thing we did because of the horrible things we heard about the deposits, was write him a pre-dated check for the deposit and discussed with the coordinator about getting it back the next day, once the whole ending balance thing was worked out. They make you pay an upfront cost for corking fee, so in the end they ended up owing us $300. Weeks later we received a check for $250. No reason as to why it was $50 short, and we just cut our losses at that point. I hope your experience is different but, I can not imagine it will as long as Geof is one of the owners.
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    Hi Mayfly! You wouldn't be talking about our wedding, would you? I still get fired up about everything! Ughhhhh.
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    You'd be a fool to get married here...Over priced, arrogant, lacking in professionalism, rude, controlling, know-it-all...
    that just descibes the owner....!!!!
    Look elsewere...
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