Has anyone recently used John LoConte Photography?


I am interested in using him as I've heard great reviews...but after I spoke with him he told me he prefers to shoot alone. I've always wanted a 2nd photography and I don't want to offend him by asking for a 2nd. For those of you who have used him, do you think he alone was enough?


Re: Has anyone recently used John LoConte Photography?

  • Yes, we just had John shoot our wedding last month and he does an amazing job! He has a unique shooting are great. He is always very responsive too. As far as a 2nd photographer, if that is what you truly want not sure he can help you there but we didn't think it was necessary.
  • We used John and absolutely loved him! I recommend him to everyone. We used one but he does offer a 2nd for extra. Def worth meeting with. HTH
  • We used him for our 10/21 wedding. He was AMAZING!!!  Honestly, I initially thought I wanted a second shooter as well, but he was really able to capture everything, and his pricing is so reasonable for the high quality of his images. We had him for 9 hours, and we are really happy with the large number of images he captured during that time. He is extremely responsive--we had our engagement photos within a couple of days, and he already had our wedding photos up on the website before we were even home froom our honeymoon! We are so happy that we went with John--he's fabulous!
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