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I know it isn't WTF Wednesday but...

WTF??? Our admin (affectionately know as batman cause she's batty and wears an ugle cape with all her outfits) cornered me in the restroom today while washing my hands and says "Joy, you're gaining weight". So in my shock, I said "excuse me?" and her ass had the guts to say "You look like you've gained weight,".

Seriously??? Is it now appropriate for people to say this? I mean, I wouldn't even tell a close friend who's pregnant that she looks like she is gaining weight!

I was so shocked and couldn't even find an appropriate response so I walked away. Now I am thinking I should have mentioned the fact that her old hag skin is looking more like shriveled up prunes Yell.

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Re: I know it isn't WTF Wednesday but...

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    "shriveled up prune"

    This is definitely what you should have went with. Thats was rude and very unappropriate. You should have told her to fly away.
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    Wow!  Did she really feel the need to make such a random comment!
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    Definitely worth the Tuesday WTF she crazy? She must be crazy.
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    Wow!  How rude and totally unnecessary.  She's obviously crazy I mean she wears a cape.  Next time tell her it looks like her breast are sagging more toward her knees recently.
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    WOW! That's really rude.

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    [QUOTE]Wow!  How rude and totally unnecessary.  She's obviously crazy I mean she wears a cape.  Next time tell her it looks like her breast are sagging more toward her knees recently.
    Posted by OFF[/QUOTE]

    Haha OFF. Too funny but so right
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    I really have a bad taste in mouth for folks who feel they can go to people and say random ish out of their mouth. And for a woman to tell another woman (who is of no relations to you friend or otherwise) that she has gained weight is not only crass but disrespectful. I would have told her about them damn batman outfits she wear to work. You are good because right now I am PMS'n and she would have caught a bad one after she let that comment fall from her lips. People gots a lots of nerve! SMDH
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    LOL @ OFF.  I have to use that.  I suck at witty comebacks when I'm in situations like that.  I would probably just walk away mad and think of something rude to say the next time I encountered her.  I'm like Mrclintonsfirstlady.  I cannot stand it when people seem to think it is ok to say random ish like that.  And especially from one woman to another.  Totally inappropriate. 
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    It's rude and it's hurtful. Unfortunately, I have several  family members  who have no problem commenting  on things like this as well.

    Just a side question: Was she invited to your wedding? Maybe if she wasn't, she's trying to purposefully make you feel bad. I'd hate to think this, but some ppl are like that.
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