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Creative Engagment Picture Ideas

Hey Ladies-  
    Just got all of our engagement pictures back last week and they are so great. I didn't feel good about them at all when they were taken. I love taking pictures but they just felt awkward but they really did turn out good. Anyway, we have rights to all of our pictures (which I highly recommend to anyone who hasn't booked a photog yet). I am definetley going to do some sort of an album and put one on canvas to hang on the wall (the one with us and the puppies). I just wanted to know if anyone had any creative ideas of things they did with their engagement pictures.
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Re: Creative Engagment Picture Ideas

  • I am going to use our pictures and make a guest book for our wedding....I'm going to do it through shutterfly!
  • We got one of the canvas deals from LivingSocial. Then we took a few other pictures in "chronological" order and hung them up above the canvas.
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  • Other than the typical canvas and album, we're also framing one of the photos for guest to sign at the reception. (clicky). I'm also making a card box using our photos (another clicky!)

    I will stalk this thread for any other good ideas!
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  • I'm also doing a photobook for our guest book with engagement pictures, and a cardbox similar to cleverthought's.  We'll also make a design with them for save-the-dates.  I've thought about sending a print out with invites - I've had friends that did that.  I know there are some sites where you can get 50 free prints or whatever for your first order.  I'm not sure if I'm going to do that though.  Otherwise, prints will definitely get framed and given to family members (parents, grandparents, godparents, etc.)  And they'll be some decor for at the office and home.
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  • Thanks Ladies! Some great idea. I wuold have never thought to do a cardbox out of them but I love that idea. Also- as silly as it may sound, I didn't even think about office pictures!! Thanks!
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