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Ceremony on the beach?

Thank you for your suggestions below on the dinner cruise.  I think we're definitely going to go that route.  We would like the ceremony for 25 people to be on the beach.  Something simple, with a non-denominational officiant.  We would LOVE the Coronado hotel to be the backdrop.  Does the hotel own that part of the beach?  Or is there a public part of the beach?  Do we need a permit?  Any officiant recommendations?  Any tips you could give me on this I'd greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!

I hate planning a long-distance wedding and couldn't do this without this wonderful board.  Thank you and hopefully I don't have too many annoying posts. =)

Re: Ceremony on the beach?

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    I wouldn't be surprised if the hotel owns the beach in front, but i don't know for sure.I think with 25 people in attendance, you will need a permit no matter the beach. Usually permits are required when you have a certain amount of people, no matter what. Remember, if you have it on coronado, coronado has its own city dept, therefore its own permiting procedures. Unfortunately, their permits are more expensive than San diego's, but its coronado :)  As far as officiants, I am using Bethel Nathan (Ceremonies by Bethel) and she is unbelievable! She is so sweet, and creative. I am so excited about our ceremony because she is adding in so many personal touches. One of my favorite parts is, she she emails us individually, asking us about our story. Then during the ceremony, she puts together the answers so we get to hear each others answers for the first time on that day. I would absolutely recommend her! 
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    Great, thanks!  I saw someone post about her on another post and have emailed her to see if she's available. 
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    You should also contact Reverend Tuttle.  http://vowsfromtheheart.com/

    He does a LOT of small weddings/vow renewals all around San Diego, he will know all the rules about the beach in front of the Hotel Del.

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    In my online searches, I bookmarked Aline Rozok and her website has LOTS of great info for beach weddings.  Looks like she puts together whole packages.

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    This may be a bit late, but the hotel owns the beach in front and depending on the time of day and year it can cost upwards of $5,000 to have the Del set up a ceremony.  If you're facing the Del with your back to the water and go about 200 yards to the left - Central beach is the closest owned by the City of Coronado, and it's just a $200.00 permit fee with the parks department.  You can have the ceremoney there, and before or after take some shots in front or inside of the Del : )
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