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Tasting on Thurs - getting both sets of parents to agree on something will be a miracle

We have been having a debate for the last 2 months on whether to go with beef and chicken for our buffet, or beef and salmon, or beef and walleye.  FI's parents think that those who would eat chicken, would eat salmon, and salmon is a little classier.  My mom says no one will eat salmon, and we should get walleye because my brother doesn't eat beef. (I promptly informed her that we aren't altering the menu for one person...he will eat what we offer)

Personally, I don't like chicken, walleye or salmon, but I know I'm super picky and my tastes won't account for the majority of our guests.  My FI assures me I will get something I like, even if he has to order a pizza just for me.  :)

I think the safe choice will be beef and chicken.  I just feel like chicken is so over done at large events.  Banquets, company parties, weddings....everyone serves it.

Our dinner is a 2 entree buffet, and there will be sides that will appease the vegetarian crowd (if we have any).  

For a wedding of 300+ people, do you think beef and chicken is best, or should we throw a fish option in there?  

We are going to be tasting the London Broil, 2 chicken options, and the walleye on Thurs, just to get a variety.  

Re: Tasting on Thurs - getting both sets of parents to agree on something will be a miracle

  • My personal choice would be beef and chicken, but I don't like fish. So I definitely disagree that those who like chicken will like salmon. And I know a good amount of people that don't like fish. So the safest option would probably be the beef and chicken... Yeah, its kind of what people expect, but there's nothing wrong with that as long as it tastes good!
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  • I love beef, chicken and fish but FI's sister in law only eats chicken and turkey so we are definitely offering beef and chicken. She's ordered vegetarian dinners at weddings before. If you think the vegetarian sides are enough, it's a consideration, but without knowing what they are, I can't really comment on if you could get away with beef and fish and no chicken.

    Like PP said, beef and chicken is the standard, but if it tastes good, go for it!
  • I don't know...I love salmon and many of my friends and my dad's side of the family love it and other seafood, too.

    I would guess that 95% or more of your guests will see whatever two options you give and pick which one sounds more appetizing even if they don't usually go for either one.  I don't eat a lot of red meat, but if I had it as an option and the other choice was something I didn't care for, I'd go with the beef and I wouldn't be upset that my free meal wasn't my favorite food.

    Since you're kind of a picky eater, I'd try to let your fiance handle as much of the decision-making as he can in this regard.  I'm also picky, so that's what I'm doing, too.
  • I more than often go for the salmon at a wedding, so do most people in my family. I'd say beef and salmon.
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  • I'd go with the beef and chicken. I personally don't really like fish and I know a few people who will really only eat chicken. It is done a lot, but it is for a reason!
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  • Salmon is a really tricky protein. People either love it or hate it, and it absolutely depends on how it's prepared. So I too completely disagree with the chicken leading to salmon logic. I too agree with your sentiment of beef and chicken being overdone, walleye may not be the worst choice to offer as well- we ARE in Minnesota after all :-P
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