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Wedding Nail Polish?

Less than a month to go, and I'm trying to nail down some details for my wedding. For nail polish on the big day, is a french manicure the standard, or should I go with a different color? Thoughts and opinions?

Re: Wedding Nail Polish?

  • What do you normally wear? You want to look like yourself, so I always advise girls not to go too crazy out of the box with nails on their wedding day. 
    I did a very light pink Shellac color. Shellac is AMAZING. It lasted through the wedding day and my week long honeymoon without any chips. It's too expensive to do year-round, otherwise I would.
    I PERSONALLY don't like french manicures, but that's personal preference. 
  • This isn't a detail I would stress over.  I agree to go with whatever is normal for you--if it's a bold color, go with it, if you want something more understated, do that.  For a light pink, lots of girls recommend Essie Ballet Slippers.
  • I like Passion as an OPI gel color.  Very neutral and pretty.  And the gel will last longer!
  • OP, whenever I think of a french manicure, I think of the tacky long fake fingernails the "goyls from Joysey" or the women from "Southie in Bahstan" have or the colored ones the girls who hang out on the corner wear. They can certainly look classy, but I suggest going with a neutral/warm/pink-y color, as that seems to capture well in photos I've seen. If you want a bold and that's  "You" then go for it!
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  • I'm doing a different spin on neutral nails or the traditional french manicure. I'm having a lace pattern airbrished on my nails. It's subtle, and I love it. However, I often do "fun" things with my nails, so this is within the norm for me. I agree with PPs about doing whatever is "you"!

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  • You can do whatever you are comfortable with. I did french.
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  • Ditto PP's on doing something normal for you (I had mine done red to match my wedding colors).

    Also agree that shellac is the way to go. That stuff is indestructible!
  • I'm doing a french manicure with gels.   
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  • another vote for shellac! i am rough on my nails and it lasted through most of my adventurous honeymoon and looked great day of ( I also did french)
    It costs a bit more (for me it was $35 vs the $18 if I just had a manicure) but I think it was totally worth it!
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  • Do whatever.  I got French polish on my toes (I had hot pink shoes), and hot pink on my fingernails.  The manicurist looked at me like I was crazy, but we had lots of bright, bold colors at our wedding and they looked great. 

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  • I did a Shellac French Manicure for mine and loved it.  It held up for 3+ weeks with only the standard nail growth to show any wear.


  • I'm doing a french but instead of white tips I'm using a silver glitter polish. There's lots of sparkle in my wedding and I love a little "bling" on everything. Moral of the story... nails are just like hair and makeup, do what suits you!
  • I did a bright hot pink for my hands and toes, with the exception of my ring finger - which I painted bright orange. :) YESSSS - very me. :)
  • I am planning to do a bright, bold color- something fallish! But that is what I am used to.
  • You might try an American manicure if the French is soemthign you want but it seems a bit much-the American is a kinda muted version of the French.  Pretty and similar but not as stark or bright.  Just another option. 
  • The nail polish color should be matching to your dress. And it should be in light color combination.
  • I had planed to a light color, like light purple because I love the color, so graceful and charming. Or crystal nail sticker,  very beautiful.
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