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Chichen Itza or Coba

H and I are staying 7 nights at the Valentin Imperial Maya. We can afford to do one excursion. I can't decide between Coba and Chichen Itza. Has anyone done either or both and have advice?

Which tour company did you go with?


Re: Chichen Itza or Coba

  • We did chichen itza and it was amazing! We used best day travel. I have pics in the link above my siggy pic ( travel, cancun)
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  • I'm going to Chichen Itza.  I read that it's the definitive Mayan ruin, so we're going there.  I heard that Coba is stunning, though, and it's closer to most resorts, so if you don't care about seeing the most famous, most studied ruins, Coba's a great choice.
  • I've been to both. Of the two, I would recommend Chichen Itza over Coba. Chichen Itza is massive in size and extremely impressive. I toured it on my own but would highly recommend having a tour guide to have a better understanding of what you see. The downside to Chichen Itza is that it is quite far and a long day trip.

    I also enjoyed Coba. At the time I visited, I was able to climb up one of the pyramids, which was an awesome experiene that you aren't able to do at Chichen Itza. The ruins here are set within the jungle, which is completely different than Chichen Itza (set in more of an open field). The downside to Coba is that there isn't quite as much to see as there is in Chichen Itza, but it is closer to the resort areas.

    You can't go wrong with either option! I toured both on my own using a rental car so I can't provide any recomendations for tour companies. 
  • Chichen itza!!!!
  • ive done both. i love them both for different reasons. CI is a huge sprawling (and for the most part) walking friendly area. coba is not as toursit developed, most of it is still in the jungle iwth dirt paths. to me coba felt much more, i dont know, authentic maybe-just becase there weren't paved sidewalks and vendors. but really-i love them both. choose one now and save the other for your next tripi there.


  • thanks for all the feedback!
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