Haven Bridal Mart (Mega Mall) in Folsom, CA

Has anyone ever been to this bridal store? How are the prices and selections? I don't want to spend over $1,000 at the ABSOLUTE most, so I'm afraid to venture away from places like David's Bridal or Alfred Angelo. I went dress shopping at both places already, but I feel like I need to go to some more shops...
Feedback on other shops in Sacramento area that you recommend?

Thanks!! :)

Re: Haven Bridal Mart (Mega Mall) in Folsom, CA

  • I haven't been to this store but they have 4 stars out of 5 on
    If this store is anything like the Bridal Mart that was in Rancho Cordova I would highly recommend you pass it up.
    If you're looking for something nice but inexpensive I would recommend you visit De La Rosa's in Folsom. They have a huge selection and the owner is so nice and helpful!
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    House of Fashion had tons of dresses and they even have an outlet store too. Keepsake Bridal was really friendly too. A lot of stores also have a rack of dresses they are trying to sell off the rack too so you don't necessarily need to go to an outlet to get a deal. 

    You could always find a dress you like an order online for a better deal too. Plus some places will negotiate pricing. I know Bay Area Bridal offered me 20% off the dress if I bought it through them. 
  • I went this past week. They have an alright size selection, and I ended up finding the dress of my dreams..but it was out of budget. They have good designer dresses, just not as budget friendly as Davids Bridal and not nearly as big.
  • How much would you say the majority of their dresses run? I would hate to go shop there and then be disappointed by the price tags...
  • I bought my dress there last May when they had just opened. I went there last month to look for my bridesmaids dresses and they had drastically raised prices. I bought my dress for $560 and it had gone up to $680. I was able to haggle dow the price of my bridesmaids dresses (I have 8) to 15% off of the price, I figured that got rid of the takes and most of the shipping.
  • I just bought my dress there last week. I have to say I could have probably found it a bit cheaper if I shopped around, but the lady that helped me (Melissa I believe) was absolutely wonderful to work with. My sister/MOH and Mother went there with me. We picked out a bunch of dresses to try on since I had no idea which style I wanted and after seeing all the dresses we picked and hearing what we did and didn't like about each dress she picked out the most fabulous dress that was absolutely perfect! 

    She made sure my opinion was what mattered in the end and would always ask when we were alone in the dressing room what I thought of it. To me this is what sold me on purchasing it here instead of shopping around for the dress.

    The shop itself isn't huge, but there is a decent selection of dresses (They also have prom dresses/bridesmaid dresses, not that many though). The prices vary from around $500 on up. Most probably being more than $500. Most dress sizes are over size 6, so if you are small like me (around size 2) you will be tucked, pulled, and clipped in most dresses. The  only had a size 10 or 12 in the white and a size 14 in the ivory in the dress that I am getting so that process was interesting :) 

    My dress was $750ish for a Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner.

    I also went to Alfred Angelo and I was not thrilled with the service or the selection. First, you have to have an appointment to try on dresses. Second, you pick dresses out of a catalog you like and the attendant will pick those out for you and bring a few to try on. After you try those on, she'll go grab a few more, and so on. She didn't seem like she really enjoyed her job and none of the dresses topped the first one. Also the dresses here are the same when it comes to sizing. They carry limited dresses in stock for petite ladies so dresses will be around size 6 and up. When she finally picked out a dress that I would actually ponder wearing, it was twice the price of the dress and Haven Bridal. In the end, customer service is what brought me back to buy this dress… Although, I have heard of a couple not so good experiences with certain staff there, but I loved the service I got! 


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    I found mine for $850 at a small store called Bridal Gallery. It was a very sweet mother & daughter owned shop and they were awesome. It was more relaxed than places like House of Fashion or even Davids Bridal. I really tried twice to like the consultant at Davids Bridal but I really just wanted to be left alone.  It was better for me to have less attention on me so that I could find what I wanted and I love it!

    Not too far from folsom!
    6400 Sunrise Blvd # H  Citrus Heights, CA 95610

  • I just purchased my dress here. They have an amazing dress selection at very affordable pricing. I had shopped around for a while and was comfortable to buy here.
    My sales consultant was very helpful and helped us out with bridesmaids as well.
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