Got the Dress!

Woohoo! My mom and I spent three days looking for dresses (including the Running of the Brides at Filene's Basement in NYC) and finally went back to the first place and bought the dress this morning.  Pics from the designer are below (I didn't get the bolero though, not my style). 
Also sent the checks/deposits for DJ and caterer over the last couple of weeks and I think we found our photographer.  Feels so good to get those checks!

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Re: Got the Dress!

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    oooooohhhhhhh how pretty! And congrats on all the other checks! Must feel so good. Once we nail down the catering and wedding cake I can truely breath.
    You HAVE to tell us more about the running of the brides! Did you keep all fingers? How crazy was it really?

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    Pretty! Congrats on the dress!  Love the sash.

    Yessss I want to hear more about Filene's basement! I remember reading about that years and years ago but forgot it existed when I was dress shopping.
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    Running of the Brides was... an experience.  I've heard of girls getting really great deals there and all I can think is that they must have far more patience than I was given.  One girl featured in the local papers this morning appearantly tried on 66 dresses before finding the one! I DO NOT have that stamina.

    I went with my mom, we got there around noon, so after some of the morning craziness had subsided.  It was basically the entire ground floor of the store that had been filled with racks and racks of wedding gowns.  The dresses had obviously all come in their individual, plastic bags, and there were the remants of signs that read things like "size 4-10 capped sleeves" on some racks, but by the time we got there, it looked like Taz the tasmanian devil had gone through the place.  Some dresses were still in the bags, some were half off the hangers, some were just hanging over the racks, and many were on the floor.  Honestly, many of them were dirty and some were torn.  They were definitely not treated kindly.  They had garment care specialists in the back advising on whether dresses could be steamed, altered, etc...

    The shoppers themeselves were clearly on missions.  Some came with whole teams wearing coordinating t-shirts and cheering loudly every time they tried on one they liked.  Some came with a friend, their mom, or fiances.  Everyone was basically piling the dresses on the floor in front of them and stripping down, even in front of the doors that lead directly onto the street (Broadway, a major street anywhere in NYC).  At one point I was trying on a dress and as I'm slipping it on another girl comes up to me and goes - excuse me, are you done with that? Umm... no.  But I did find her when I was and gave it to her because I didn't like the way it looked. 

    I guess if you really want a designer dress but don't have the budget, and you have infinite amounts of patience, it's going to be a good experience and you can probably find something you like.  Maybe where I went wrong is that I had gone to try on dresses before, so I had a very specific idea of what I wanted in terms of shape and look - which closed me off to a lot of dresses there.  And since I wanted lace, and lace isn't going to survive those kinds of conditions very well, the dresses I did choose to try on ended up being torn or otherwise damaged.

    They did have beautiful dresses though.  Like any store, there were dresses there that weren't my style, but they were all very pretty and obviously very good quality, even though they all needed some TLC.  There was maybe 2 dresses that I saw that really had me scratching my head. All the others looked really nice, in their respective styles.  And some were labeled "HOT" on blg neon-pink stickers which was funny.

    It was kind of a fun experience I guess, but I'm glad it's over.  I had originally planend on going to the ones in DC and Boston if I couldn't find anything at the one in NYC, but I just went and got the dress I had found the day before and absolutely loved.  It's Mori Lee, so it wasn't that much more expensive and, silly as it may sound, I really like knowing that my dress hasn't been tried on by a milion people and dragged all over the floor, etc...
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    Love the dress, congrats!
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    I love the look of the Mori Lee dresses! Yours is beautiful! Has anyone tried finding a dress at Fabulous Formals in Sanford? What is their selection of Mori Lee dresses like?
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    Fabulous Formals is pretty much closed.  A couple of weeks ago I went there and she is liquidating her stock.  I think the dresses she had left were $99.00. 
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    Oh, I thought they were just moving and had hoped they had already finished with the move by now! maybe not though...
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