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May 2012 Weddings

Wedding video & Pics

I just had to share. We didn't really have a large budget for our wedding and I had my 2 nephews who are both 21 and amateur photog's take our pics. My other nephew manned the vid camera for us and he did a pretty good job minus a few comments that he forgot would be heard on tape. There was mention of someone cutting the cheese. LOL Oh well... made us laugh.

Anyway, one of the photog nephews took the video and edited it and added in all this stuff. He made an opening sequence with photos he'd taken and added in titles on the different chapters, like when we cut the cake and stuff, he made a cute caption on the screen. Then at the end, he took the song that my husbands dad and uncle sang before the ceremony and used it as music of the credits. My husband was tearing up. It meant so much to him to have that on tape. He listed all the wedding party and the he literally did put "awesome photographer 1 & 2" which made me laugh and then I see Questionable Camerman for his little bro who took the video... I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

Needless to say, i am so happy I decided to have the boys do it for me. He's worked so hard to edit all the photos they took and make sure they are all perfect. He told me last night he wanted my pictures to be perfect. He's such a good kid! sniff... sniff.


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