alteration nightmare

I haven't posted in a while -
FI and I are getting married Oct. 16.

I picked up my dress the other day after the final alterations and its too small!! The seamstress was suppose to take it up just a little bit, but she apparently went crazy and took waaay too much up...and worst of all...she CUT it so that it can't be let out!!  And she isn't willing to even try to fix it unless I give her another 200 dollars because "letting out is more difficult than taking up..."   I'm so mad because she measured it and pinned it before I left my final fitting...she's a professional so she should know how to do this.  So now, I have 2 months to lose at least 10 pounds or either buy a whole new dress.  And the thing is, I already have a petite frame and don't need to lose that much weight, but I can't afford to buy a new dress either.  Does anyone know of a good seamstress in the Jackson area who might could fix my dress for a reasonable price??

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    I am sorry to hear about your disaster! I can only barely relate... I thought I would be a super savy spender and buy what looked like the perfect dress on sale, on-line, from David's Bridal.  I ordered it a size big so I could get it fitted to my chest, unfortunately, after having it altered I realized that it was horrible.  Now I'm four months out from my wedding with NO dress.  It's probably too late to order one from any store, so I have to find one that I can either rent or buy as a sample.  BUT, to answer your question.  Have you tried the Golden Touch.  It's off of I-55, shes a chinese lady.  She has done pretty good alterations on my previous bridesmaid dresses, and I dont' blame her for the wedding dress not looking good.  If nothing else, she has good prices and you could at least see if she could fix it.  Good luck!!!
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    Hi Bride I used a seamstress name Ruth Hayes she is awesome and reasonable. She has been a seamstress all her life she was not sure if she could help without seeing the dress first if you would like to meet with her send me a private message and I will give you her number.
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    Thanks! I think I've found a lady who can fix it, but if it doesn't work out I may be sending you a message to get Ruth's number.
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