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my hair and makeup trial

so I had my first hair and makeup trial on Sunday.  I showed the stylist my inspiration photos, and she came up with this elaborate style involving tons of individually pinned curls! It looks pretty cool, and I love the side view.. I'm not sure if I should go more simple in the back. What do you think?

I'm a little unsure about the makeup, too.  She used airbrush makeup, which looked great at first, but then got funky after I went home because it wasn't set (we were pressed for time since the hair took so long!)  She offered to do a second makeup trial with the full setting so I can make sure I like it.  I was also wondering about the eyes -- she only lined the top, while I ususally line both top and bottom.  do you think it needs more on the bottom lid?  I'll probably wear false eyelashes (not pictured) for the wedding if they're comfortable enough.


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Re: my hair and makeup trial

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    I think having only the top lid lined is great!  It should keep your eyes looking wide and open.  But I agree that adding some false eyelashes would give your look that extra umph. 

    The hair is lovely!!  The curls look really soft and your hair has volume.  You're going to look beautiful on your wedding day.  Awwww!
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  • You look beautiful! Love the hair, especially the front and side view. The look goes great with your veil and earrings. I've heard only good things about airbrush makeup, so maybe give it another trial run to see if you like it.
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  • omg i think you look AWESOMEEEE. the liner only on the top gives a nice retro feel. maybe you could do some white liner on the bottom to make your eyes pop more. sometimes bottom liner is too much for us blondies :)

    I do think it would look even better with the false eyelashes and maybe a lighter toned blush on your cheeks - its almost a little orangey in the first two pics though maybe thats the camera.

    but the last pic, oh my goodness you are a hottie! :D

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  • You look beautiful!! I especially love the last pic with your veil and earrings - everything looks fantastic together!
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    she did a great job hair and makeup look great, I agree with the others add the fake eyelashes and that will make your eyes pop more and once you got everything on you will look amazing.

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  • I think you look gorgeous, the hair looks great!!!  I think once you add the false eyelashes it'll give you that finishing pop, otherwise, I'm lovin everything the way you have it!  :)
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    Your hair is really pretty and looks nice with your veil. The first two pictures look like  too much makeup to me and the last one looks much better but there is definitely a difference in lighting so it depends on the lighting you will have at your wedding. Either way, I think false eyelashes would be too much - you don't want to be caked in makeup on your wedding day. I used to be a professional dancer and have worn many false eyelashes - they don't look pretty unless you are on stage and I think it would look way overdone on a bride.
  • I think you look stunning. Your skin is flawless. I'm jealous. :) I think the eyelashes will be a nice touch if they're done right.
  • I love your hair!! The back looks glamorous and unexpected! Love your lip color! I would want my lower lids lined too (just slightly--from the middle to the outside edges) because I almost always use bottom liner. But that's just me. False eyelashes would be so awesome!!

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  • you look just lovely! the hair is gorgeous, i love the pincurl detailing. your skin looks flawless!
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