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false eyelashes

How hard is it to really put on false eyelashes? I am thinking of having my friend who is a liscenced cosmotologist do my makeup but I'm really skiddish with people touching my eyes....

Re: false eyelashes

  • A cosmetologist will know how to put them on.  They aren't hard, as long as you know how to do them.  Ask her to try them out on you before the day of, so you know how they look, what it involves, etc. 
  • Not hard at all.  You can probably do them yourself.
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  • I tried to do my own for my brother's wedding, and after 45 frustrating minutes I gave up. I had them done professionally before and had no problems, but I learned the hard way that I am not an expert.
  • I refuse to do it myself as I will give up and get huffy but I had them put on yesterday at my trial and after five minutes I was OK....it felt like the corners were glued shut for a bit haha
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  • They are pretty easy if you are just getting the strip kind. If you are getting individuals done, then I'd go with the professional for sure because they are more tedious and take a while. If you are getting simple ones, then you can do them yourself. I bought a cheap pair at walmart and put them on in about 3 min before my wedding. Get a practice pair and you should be set.
  • I have a hard time with them so im having my MUA put mine on for me just to make sure they get put on and properly LOL I have no eyelashes and want to make sure mine look great on the wedding day.
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  • It's not too difficult.  You just have to practice a couple times and it gets easier.  It takes a few minutes for the glue to dry completely, so you can move them around if they feel or look weird.  A tip, make sure you size them on your lids before putting them on so you can make sure they are going to fit right.  you will probably need to trim a little bit off the ends so they aren't poking you in the eye the whole time.  I learned that the hard way!
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