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Question for the other married ladies...

So I've been slacking a little...haha...

I'm looking for a place to have my wedding dress cleaned and preserved.  Any recommendations? Thanks, ladies!

Re: Question for the other married ladies...

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    Not sure because I have yet to do it and I have been married a year.  
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    Still haven't done this's hanging in our laundry room in the bag.  I have heard that Benjamin's Cleaners will do this, but it runs > $100.  Modern Bride has a gown preservation service too, with prices starting at $150.  (I wish I could remember what Benjamin's told me for a price...but it seems that I recall it was less expensive than MB).  Honestly, I still can't decide what to do with this dress.
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    :( I haven't done a thing with my dress.  Glad I'm not alone!
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