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September 2012 Weddings


Hi girls,

I've been thinking about what to get my girls as a gift. I have two girls from out of town. I'm paying for their hair and makeup for the wedding. I'm not requiring them to get it done, I just thought it would be a good treat. But it doesn't seem like a gift. Anyway, I also want to do a spa gift for them (mani/pedi/massage, something like that). All the girls are really into that. Do you think I should make that a plan for the day before the wedding or does that make it for the wedding and take the "gift" component away? Like should I just get them all gift certificates to their local spas? I thought it would be a fun activity to do all together, but I don't want to take away from the gift. I'm also thinking about getting my two maids of honor something extra...i saw these http://www.theurbansmith.com/necklaces.html and loved (and think they are their taste). thanks for your help :-)

Re: Bridesmaids

  • If you do anything around the wedding, that's going to be for the wedding, and not a gift.  I would go with spa gift certificates to their local places.  If you're going with gift certificates, I would only give "extra" gifts privately, it might make your MOHs or BMs feel uncomfortable.
  • Thanks, egm! I will definitely give the other gifts privately. I wouldn't want to offend anyone!!
  • Maybe you could get them all a gift card and then ask if they want to do it all together or if they'd rather go on their own? That way they have a choice? I also like those necklaces and if they are their style then go for it. I'm spending roughly the same amount for all of my BMs, but will be giving their gifts seperately so it's more one on one time and less "who got what".
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