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Aulettos or Brigalias

I went to see Aulettos in Deptford, NJ and I absolutely fell in love with it. I'm thinking about booking it for June 2014. I see the only downside as that it seems there is a large discrepancy between the two menus that they offer and the less expensive one is more within our budget. It seems like you get more food at other places. Has anyone had weddings here or been to weddings? How is the food? Have they ever been flexible on pricing? Has anyone done the less expensive "classic" menu and how has it turned out?

I also checked out Brigalias and I do love the outside area but I don't like that you can't take food or drinks outside. I thought a lot was included in the menu compared to Aulettos. I think I liked the reception room better at Aulettos because Brigalias is a bit more formal (I wasn't realy into the whole cherub theme). I love the lake at Aulettos but Brigalias has a lot of very pretty outside picture opportunities.

Which would you choose? Any ideas on either?

Re: Aulettos or Brigalias

  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    I had my reception at Brigalias and I can't say enough good things about them.  The food was absolutely delicious. My family still mentions the food at the reception to me and my H when they see us!  We were married in March, so taking food and drinks outside wasn't a concern for us.  The customer service at Brigalias was also great, I was personally called back by the owner Tina, when I had a question about table numbers!

    I did visit Aulettos.  In the end, we felt we got lots more at Brigalias for our money.
  • Thanks. That's the conclusion I'm coming to as well. I feel like Brigalias gives you so much more.

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    [QUOTE]Thanks. That's the conclusion I'm coming to as well. I feel like Brigalias gives you so much more.
    Posted by starfish2688[/QUOTE]

    We also looked at both and decided on Brigalias! We will be having our reception there NEXT  Friday!! You wont be sorry!
  • starfish2688starfish2688 member
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    We actually decided on Aulettos instead after we negotiated the menu a bit.

    It fit the indoor/outdoor theme we were going for a bit more and felt a little less formal. Brigalias' outside is very beautiful but Aulettos felt more natural for us (we loved the idea of getting married right on a lake). Brigalias does have a slew of photographic opportunities if that's what you are looking for. They have a replica of the Philadelphia art museum and are currently working on the Philadelphia "LOVE" sign. They also have a really cool carriage and tons of fountains, bridges, and mini-waterfalls. Aulettos has a lot of photo opportunities too, but it's less, or at least it felt less, manmade than Brigalias. I loved the coy pond and the peacocks. The view of the lake is absolutely stunning.

    At Aulettos we have enough guests that we can book the whole place so we will be the only wedding there and can use the whole grounds which was a real draw. At Brigalias they have two weddings going on at once, no matter what, and both parties can be outside at the same time as long as the other's ceremony isn't going on. This wasn't that big of a deal for us but when they told us that guests couldn't have food or drink outside I wasn't thrilled. We would be using the larger room so to go outside people would have to go around the whole building and then couldn't take their food or drinks with them. I felt like that wasn't exactly encouraging them to use the outside space and for a wedding in June I want people to enjoy the outside area. It was confusing because they have tables and chairs out there but yet guests can't bring anything out.  They explained that they are trying to preserve their outside area which I can respect. It just didn't fit what I envisioned for my wedding. At Aulettos they kind of encouraged people to go outside and use the space.

    Also, since we are having an onsite ceremony a big concern for us was what happens if it rains. Aulettos has a covered pavilion that can be closed on all sides and we have been assured all guests will be walked to it with umbrellas if necessary. Brigalias has a covered patio so that if it's drizzling it will still work but if it's really raining it can't be closed from the sides. As of now they are bringing people inside the reception hall to do the ceremony if this happens. They are currently working towards building a chapel; however, they are still trying to acquire the permit for it which was concerning for us. They also couldn't tell us how many people the chapel could hold which was also a concern since my guest list will be over 200 (the woman said she would call me back to tell me how many people it could hold after she talked ot the owner but she never did).

    Both are gorgeous venues and I think any bride would be thrilled to have either. I think a lot  just has to do with personal preference and what considerations you have to make for your wedding. Can't wait for June 28th 2014!
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