Bakery and Salon near Mt. Hood?

Hi ladies!  We're getting married in Government Camp, and I'm on the hunt for a bakery in the area for a wedding cake, and also a salon for hair and makeup.  Not much luck looking on Google, so if someone has ideas, send my way!  We could always find something between Portland and Gov't Camp too, so Sandy, Gresham wouldn't be too much of a drive.  I have heard of bakeries that will deliver from Portland, but I hope to keep the $$ down.  A girlfriend recommended hair and makeup artists that travel to wherever you are (for an additional fee, of course), so if you know of any good ones I'd love to check them out.  I think that I might be the only one doing hair + makeup on the wedding day, but I'd like to offer it to the wedding party and mothers as well.
Thanks so much for your help, happy Valentine's day!

Re: Bakery and Salon near Mt. Hood?

  • You might check out Hood River for salons- our wedding's out in Dufur (south of the Dalles), so we have gotten a lot of vendor recommendations from the venue & photographer for Hood River. Salon Visio was one recommended by my venue (Stan Aaberg @ www.salonvisio.com), as was a woman named Kalyn Benaroya @ 5th Element salon in Hood River. Not sure if either of those folks travel but they might. Closer than Portland but maybe more options than Gresham or Sandy. 

    There's a baker in Parkdale that was recommended to me (I think we're doing pies, not cake, so I haven't really checked her out), Pamela Regentin of Fleur Cakes (www.fleur cakes.com).

    Good luck!
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