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Has anyone ever used either of these planning services?  What are your thoughts?


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    [QUOTE]Has anyone ever used either of these planning services?  What are your thoughts? Thanks!
    Posted by carlyeverett[/QUOTE]

    Iconic Weddings mentions several JH locations on their webpage.  However, when you contact them, they just put you in touch with that venue's event planner.  Iconci then steps out of the picture.  They are kind of like the middle man.  I'm sure other destinations use Iconic a little more, but not what I saw for JH.

    I do not know the other company.
  • It looks like Iconic Weddings is owned by Vail Resorts and from my local knowledge they do not have designated wedding planners besides whomever works at their locallly owned resorts. For example they own and operate Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis and they have an on-site sales/catering manager but require brides to have a wedding planner. They also own and operate a few lodges in Grand Teton National Park but I am not sure if these properties have a designated wedding planner. I think that if you choose to have your wedding outside the properties they own, they do not provide a wedding planner.
    It looks like Embellish Productions is located in Laramie, WY which is about 6 hours from Jackson Hole.

    Hope this helps!
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