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Food Ideas for a Summer outdoor wedding...

Ok, so I am getting married int he middle fo July and where I am from that means HEAT and lots of it.  We are getting married after dinner time and were just going to do horsdevours (sorry if thats not spelled correctly).  The problem is everything we have thought about will not stand up or even be appitizing after being inthe heat at all.  We have a very small inside room that we could use, but that brings up the problem of lining people in and out the one door that leads into that room.  Help, if anyone has any ideas for yummy foods that will be okay outdoors or how to stream line the indoor room lines that would be great.


Re: Food Ideas for a Summer outdoor wedding...

  • Yeah that sounds tough. Maybe your MC or DJ or whoever is gonna be speaking on your behalf can encourage guests to enter into the indoor room in groups, instead of all at the same time... have plates/saucers, toothpicks, etc. set up so they can get hor douvres (i probably spelled it wrong too) and then exit the indoor room back outside so they can mingle again. I can not think of specific foods that will be okay outdoors... but I do think you should have your guests enter the room in groups to INITIALLY get hor douvres and then after all guests have done so I think you can expect guests to go inside in smaller groups for second helpings instead of all at once. 
  • In this situation, it would be best to select foods that would sustain the heat. I would use cheese trays, maybe some meatballs. I wouldn't use veggies or fruit, especially if it will be outside. I think eating warm raw veggies and fruit may turn some stomachs.
  • I agree with the warm fruit and veggies.  YUCK!

    How about meats and cheese platers? Or even various dips and crackers?
  • Whoever will be catering your wedding can call the tables by number to get the food initially, or arrange something else where someone goes to each table and tells them to get their food. I've never seen this done with appetizers (I use that instead of trying to spell the "H" word) however, the general idea behind smaller plated food is that people go get more when they want. Depending on the size of the room, you might be able to set up more than one 6 foot long table and have people get food from both sides of the table(s).

    Even though it's summer, you probably want to serve mostly hot foods. You'll need chafing dishes, but that way the food won't "wilt" or "melt", because it's meant to be hot. Since it's after dinner, people will just snack (and hopefully have eaten dinner beforehand!).

    I'd recommend some sort of meatball in sauce, maybe mini-chimichangas or taco bar with the fixings, some sort of mini eggrolls with a dipping sauce. or some sort of puff pastry with fillings. The are all pretty elegant, and other than messy tacos should be able to be eaten mostly with fingers.

    You don't say if you are having this catered, or doing it yourself. Your caterer should have some ideas. If you are doing it yourself, check Sam's Club or Costco, they have tons of large serving portions of appetizers in their freezer section.

    Good luck. ,
  • If you have a Just Ask Rental or other rental company, see if they have a table you fill with ice to keep food cold. 

    The one listed on my local Just Ask Rental's site is called a Fill-n-Chill, and I think this is what it is: http://www.chillinproducts.com/ I'm guessing there are other versions as well.

    They're pretty inexpensive to rent, and it might help keep things cool a little longer.  And chafing dishes for hot foods as PPs have said.
  • Why not just rent/buy a small tent. Like a 14x14, you can get one at BJ's or Walmart for about $60-$90. Even just check with your family to see if anyone owns one. But you could put the food under there, with ice underneath to keep cold, plus keep it covered.

    Or you could keep everything cold inside until you are ready to eat and then have the staff, or some people bring it out.
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