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Is anyone planning or has been to a destination wedding? I'm looking for ideas, suggestions, opinions etc.


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  • This is my real experience and I do not wish them bad but after several months of thoughts, I think future clients should be aware of this and what they get themselve into. Note : Totally Unprofessional Wedding Planner !! Be Warned to avoid !!

    We love the wine and food in France and have decided for a destinition wedding in a Chateau that is big enought to house 50 - 100 guests with around 30 guests staying at the chateau. We found 2 chateau of this size in Burgundy and went through Simply Chateau and soon we received a call from the wife of the Chateau owner - Sonia d. Truchis. 

    We like them and were happy to help support people in their 30s starting new. Hence we have sign the contract with good faith and begin our wedding planning. Please find below is our experience : 

    (1) Food - Extremely bad 1st food tasting, even worst then our home cook meal but managed to push for a Michelin star caterer and this was the Only Success of the entire planning.

    (2) Location - Please note that this chateau is 3 hours from Paris, so for oversea guests, this is not extirely convenient. Also, although, Burgundy produces the top French wine, they are no Vineyard withing 15 - 20 mins drive from the Chateau. We were all promised, it is less then 3 hours and multiple connections and pick up service available. 

    (3) Flowers - We were made to provide our flower arrangement sample, after doing some research to find the right sample and only to find that Wedding Planner uses the florist in Paris. However this florist is not able to meet our requirements. When I request for a local florist, the price is more then the Parisian florist ! Can you imaging ? We end up using a local Florist in Beaune which cost 1/4 of the price of the Parisian florist. Which off course mean the Wedding Planner end up Not coordinating and ensuring the flowers are setup correctly on the day of the wedding ! even though she was paid. Please note I am more then happy that she earn some commission but at least cut down our cost by using a local florist ! 

    (4) Make Up - I will have to drive an hour from the Chateau for a trial makeup or pay euro 100 for a trial. End up doing it myself

    (5) Hair Stylist - I was allowed to chose 3 hair style for trail, was not communicated and it was not up to par and was told by Sonia, what do you expect, this is a village ! 

    (6) Surprise Additional Cost - When we signed the contract, we have to begin paying prior to the wedding. We have also paid the wedding planner's fees. In the contract, there were no mentioned that we are not allowed to use the kitchen, it was advertised as big kitchen and with exclusive used. However, 2 weeks prior to the wedding when we, note we request to setup calls to list of actions items, we request them to clear the refrigerator so that we can buy drinks and food and was told that we are not allowed to use the refrigerator ! They have in house chef and the refrigerator can only be used by their chef and there is a minimum charge of Euro $300 per meal  !!!  Note we have 30 guests, we can't coordinate everyone to be there to have meal. It's free and easy for our guests ! This was also imposed upon at the other chateau - usually not for rental, only open because there are no other hotels near by ! From what we hear from our guests that put up on the other chateau, the chateau owner will not wish to rent out the rooms of the chateau in the future. 

    (7) Surprise Additional Cost 2 - Cutleries, plates, table mat etc. We only found out later that the chateau can only provide the basic up to 40 guests, beyond that we have to hire. Please note that if you have a special theme other then white, beware that it might not be able to meet your choice. Very limited selection compare to the USA. 

    8) Accomodation for our guests - We were told upfront that there will be no issues for accomodation for our guest near our chateau before signing the contract. And we found our later that there is only 1 2 stars hotel near by. Also we have received complains from our guests re the arrangement made by them, and mind you some of our guests are lovely and patients and to hear that they have complains it has to be really bad coordination from the wedding planner. One of our guest's accomodation was Change 3 times !!!!! How bad can that be ?

    (9) Chateau -All the rooms of the chateau has been renovated to have the modern feel. So if you are expecting the classic French chateau this is not for you. The floors are all squeky and the rooms are not names nor numbered. So you will have to create your own tag and the Wedding planner will not do it. Also it is full of pebble stones, this is not good for heels and one of our guest fell and was hurt. Also there are NO Flowers in the entire compound ! Again it was promised that they have a plan to have it in place prior to the wedding !! 

    (10)  The room for the dinner and dance - Bad ventilation and does not absorp the sounds so it is filled with echoes ! 

    (11) We have gone through the pain to select the entire song list after sending the list to the Wedding Planner, we received a totally new list of songs that will be played by the DJ, when I reminded her that our songs is not in the list and request her to add it, her usual respons ; "Don't Worry !" but in the end, non of our songs were played !!!!!! 

    (12) Cleaning of the Chateau - we have to request for the cleaning to be done almost everyday !! we have already paid for the cleaning fee upfront.

    (13) Planning and communication - We have to actively request for meetings to run through the items. Even when we arrived at the chateau, again we request for a meeting. So really bad wedding planning and communication.

    (14) The closest town from this chateau is Beaune and we wanted to have a pre-wedding drink and ask the Wedding planner for suggestion, she just randonly pick one from the Tripadvisor - Via Monkis, when we check out this place, we found that this is a restaurant that can only fit max 20 peoples and not suitable for drinks for more then 20!!! 

    (15) Worst of all, the wedding planner was NO where to be found on the morning of the wedding ! only to appear during the event to mingle around with the guest for business contact. HOW UNPROFESSIONAL IS THIS ?? 

    The list continues .... but hope you can get an idea on this. 

    Summary : I would Not only not recommend anyone but I totally suggest you to avoid it. They are totally unprofessional, a Wedding PLanner is supposed to help the bride and groom to create their Wedding theme Not get annoyed when there are some special request or insult you of your choice ! 

    Also note that you will not find any bad review in any of the chateau rental side as they filter our the bad review ! The only review you will see is their own website which off course only provide and include the good review. So take note !


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