Camillas Bridal, Bella Sera, Gianna's Bridal, David's Bridal

Hi ladies, any thoughts; yay or nay on the above stores? i'd truly appreciate the feedback Laughing.

Re: Camillas Bridal, Bella Sera, Gianna's Bridal, David's Bridal

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    I went to Camillas for bridesmaid dresses last year and while the bride didn't end up having us get our dresses there, they were very nice.
    I went to David's in Dedham to look our wedding and it was awful. Consultant couldn't be bother and seemed annoyed when we asked questions (like, can we see a dress). If we were to get our dresses from David's I would order from another one b/c they were so awful.
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    Camilla's is small but very affordable and personable. I really liked it there. I also went to Christina's in Andover where I felt pressured to buy there which I ultimately bought the dress I found at Camilla's at Christina's because I felt pressured. I would defiantly recommend Camilla's over Christina's. I don't know about any of the others.
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    Bella Sera is a very nice shop with great dresses.  I didn't get my dress there, but they are definately all about the bridal experiance.  I truely enjoyed my appointment there. 
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    I had a nice appointment at Gianna's with Joni (I think that was her name).  After going to two other shops that had no-photo policies (Bride's Choice and La Reine), I really appreciated going to a store with a more common-sense, customer-friendly attitude.
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    [QUOTE]Bella Sera is a very nice shop with great dresses.  I didn't get my dress there, but they are definately all about the bridal experiance.  I truely enjoyed my appointment there. 
    Posted by Misheyld[/QUOTE]


    I would also echo the same sentiments about the David's Bridal in Dedham.  It was like mass chaos in there.

    I ended up purchasing at Chryssie's Bridal in Canton.  The store is a little packed but my consultant was helpful and I found the one that I loved there.
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    Bella Sera is fantastic! Heidi and Lisa (the owners) really make sure you are happy and get what you want. I had a wonderful experience with them from beginning to end! My mother, grandmother, aunt, and Bridesmaids all got their dresses there as well. I couldn't have asked for better service.
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    I have to say, I really disliked Bella Sera. You had to try on wedding dresses in front of everyone, like teenagers trying on prom dresses, bridesmaids, other customers,etc and the consultant was between like 3 people and I was waiting around a lot. I wasn't crazy about the selection either. I did like Bella Bridal in Amesbury though, the place was great, very personalized service.
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    I went to David's Bridal in Nashua on DW Highway and had a great experience. I got my dress there as well as my bridesmaid dresses. I think it depends on the location you go to.
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    I just got my dress at Bella Sera and couldn't be happier! I went on a Sunday and it was quiet so I had a lot of privacy and personal attention.
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    I went to David's Bridal in North Attleboro and had a wonderful experience. Couldn't have been happier with the service I received and everyone that I worked with.
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    I actually went to all the stores you listed, but ended up buying my dress from Allegra Bridal in Belmont which although on the pricier end was probably the nicest shop I went to. They had dresses arranged by price brackets which made browsing easier.
    Anyway here was my experience with your stores:
    Camillas: Small and dresses are a bit crowded in the store. Not a great area to try dresses on and if there's anyone else in the store you're pretty much all sharing the same mirror. I was in and out of here really quickly, they had nice dresses just not styles I was into, but I had already found "the dress" at the appointment right before.
    Bella Sera: My first stop, went early in the day and pretty much had the place to myself. They were helpful, the shop was nice and spacious, and they had a good selection of dresses. Highly recommend.
    Giannas: Probably the worst shop I went to. Still don't understand the great reviews they had on yelp. Its tiny and the dresses are so packed, you can barely tell what's there. Its also dirty. The floor was littered with pins and many of the samples I tried on were fithy. My FMIL had to leave and go take allergy meds. While they tried to be helpful the main woman helping didn't seem to know much and basically just helped me put things on. Another woman kept coming in and makeing comments trying to get me in to heavily beaded dressed convinced that I would love them if I tried enough of them on, even after insisting that wasn't what I was looking for. Wish I would have skipped this one.
    Davids (Danvers): Actually had a great experience here. I went without an appointment thinking they'd be empty on a Thursday afternoon. It was actually pretty packed, but they made room for me. Actually the store manager ended up taking care of me (Regina) and she was great! Found a dress I loved in the Vera Wang White collection. Only negative was I felt they were a little pushy with their other services (photography, inviations, etc) be prepared for them to try to schedule a follow-up appointment for these.
    I would also consider visiting Berkachi Bridal (now in Wakefield). I actually went to the Cambridge location when they were moving, but still saw some nice dresses.
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    I had a terrible experience with Giannas.  I bought my 2 flower girl dresses there and they were so disorganized.  The fittings were all messed up, they didnt have the right dress, it was a mess.

    Also, like PP said, the place is disgustingly filthy.  Pins everywhere, dirty rugs, the store is cramped and packed with dresses.  The fitting rooms were gross.  I was embarrassed that my friend and sister had to bring their children there.

    I bought my dress at La Sposa in Newton and it was a wonderful experience.
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