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$$$$ Money/Dollar dance??? $$$$

A few years ago I went to a wedding that had a "dollar dance", in which guests pay to dance with the bride or groom. I thought it was tacky at the time! But now, I've gone to a few more weddings- and it is ALWAYS done! My question is- 
1. do YOU think the money/dollar dance is tacky? 

2. Are you doing it at your wedding? 

3. What song will you dance to... fast or slow?

Re: $$$$ Money/Dollar dance??? $$$$

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    1. do YOU think the money/dollar dance is tacky? Yes

    2. Are you doing it at your wedding? No

    3. What song will you dance to... fast or slow?

    Let me follow up by saying I have never been to a wedding that didn't have a dollar dance. In my family/area they are socially acceptable and I don't think many of my guests would be offended if we had one.  I want to be a good hostess and that means not asking guests to pay for anything at the wedding. If these people want to give a gift they have that option but I'm not going to be so bold as to make them straight-up give me cash.
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    Most people will tell you that it's tacky.  I grew up going to weddings with dollar dances.  Also, where I grew up, when you paid for the dollar dance you got a shot (if you were of age).  I'm torn because I think they're tacky, but I see the fun aspect of it too.  However, we've been to 7+ weddings in the past 2 years and only 1 had a dollar dance.  I don't think we'll have one unless there is pressure from our families to have one.  My FI doesn't like to dance so I don't know if he'll want to do it, even though he's getting paid to do so.  :)

    Oh, and most people do it to slow dances.
  • topchef33topchef33 member
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    Almost every wedding I've been to has had a dollar dance. I think they're more accepted around this area then in other areas.

    I'm not having a dollar dance b/c I do find them to be a bit tacky. Your guests are probably already giving you a gift, so why should they have to give you even more $?

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    I don't find them tacky or judge the bride/groom who do use them, because in most areas around IN they're pretty common.

    BUT we won't be doing one, or rather won't be starting one ourselves. I've been to weddings where so many people lined up they had multiple songs and others where the DJ had to beg to get people to come out. I don't want to be the bride standing awkwardly on the dance floor.

    If any of our guests are just hounding us or the dj to start one (which I don't foresee happening) then we'll let it go and happen.
  • ChiaraSeraChiaraSera member
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    1. Somewhat, but every wedding I went to when I was younger (in Iowa) did them. They don't seem as popular up in Michigan

    2. No, although we did consider replacing it with a memory dance. I used to be a Wedding DJ and the company I worked for would provide little business cards that said: "Share a memory of the Bride or Groom:" and the guests would fill it out and trade it for a dance. I like this better, because you still get to see and chat with the bride or groom and it doesn't come off as money-grubbing. You could easily print out cards like that for free from vistaprint. I think they even have their premium business cards on special right now.

    3. I'd do slow or something in the middle from like the 50's & 60's
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    i say keep the fun and donate the dollars.  i do not dance so we are having no dancing so my experience is limited, but these are fun to watch and those participating seem to be having fun.  no one has every been forced to paticipaate so it is voluntary.

    just find a place where you and your fiance want to send the money and have some fun.  of course, if you want to keep the money for yourself no one will likely care at all.  people want you to have fun on your honeymoon and do not mind the dollar.  if inflation hits the dollar dance and no one can hit the dance floor without a $20 cover, then it has gone too far.
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    1. do YOU think the money/dollar dance is tacky?  No

    2. Are you doing it at your wedding? We did have one

    3. What song will you dance to... fast or slow?  I don't remember what the songs were.  The DJ just played stuff.

    Dollar Dances are really a regional thing.  My friend just got married and her family for Texas had no idea what was going on during the dollar dance.

      My H and I always assume there will be one and put aside some money for it.  Usually whichever of us is closer to the couple goes out there.  We typically give between $5-$20 depending on how close we are to the couple.
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    1. do YOU think the money/dollar dance is tacky? Yes and No

    2. Are you doing it at your wedding? No

    I have seen a dollar dance done at almost EVERY wedding I've been to so most people don't think they are tacky in our area. I personally am not having one simply because we have alot of people coming from out of state and I don't want to be forced to dance with someone just because they paid a dollar. We are going to do an "Anniversary dance" instead to get most of the couples, old and young, on the dance floor.
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    . do YOU think the money/dollar dance is tacky?  Yes and no I just find it really uncomfortable and sometimes comes off as asking for more money

    2. Are you doing it at your wedding?  No i did not.

    3. What song will you dance to... fast or slow? n/a
  • kita_19kita_19 member
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    I don't think its tacky if it is done right! I went to one where the DJ was almost pulling people out of their seat to give money... that was bad.  But I worked one where the DJ made it a contest and it was a ball.  The bride and groom had a blast trying to see who the bread winner was of the family.  And the guests really got into it.

    We are having one.  it's a great way to talk to guests one on one especially if you are having a big wedding. 

    We're planning on doing a fairly medium song.  Nothing sappy and slow, but if it's too fast we won't be able to have any fun!!!
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    I think the memory dance thing is nice...

    I am not fond of a dollar dance...

    I have been to weddings that have had them and weddings that haven't... but over all, I figure that most guests will bring a gift or have put a card in a box. Some have traveled to get to the wedding so asking them for a buck to dance with you is in poor taste. We were just at a wedding the weekend before Christmas which I think was the first time my fiance had been to one that had a dollar dance and he said - No... which I was glad to hear. :)

    I wouldn't mind dancing with someone who wanted to share a special memory with me... But over all... Weddings are busy days... making it to each table to greet guests and get all the "traditional dances" in are hard...

    I had never heard of the Chicken Dance at weddings before I moved to Southern Indiana...

    It is completely up to you... I know people who have made a couple thousand bucks during a dollar dance which is a nice hunk of change... but is it worth it to you?
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