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Ivory Groomsmen Shirts

I am going crazy trying to decide whether to do ivory or white shirts for the groomsmen. My dress is ivory and our groomsmen are wearing dark grey suits.

If your groomsmen wore ivory shirts rather than white can you please post a picture! I am such a visual person and to just see the ivory shirt without everything is stressing me out because it looks so yellow!

Here's a pic of my dress as well in case anyone has any suggestions!

(They are also putting an additional liner in to correct the dark section around my legs so it will look less dark that it does now)


Re: Ivory Groomsmen Shirts

  • I'm in the same perdicament. My dress is champagne so I have no clue what color suit, shirt, or tie to have the  boys wear,. The girls dresses are lilac and have a champagne sash. 
  • We started out looking at ivory shirts but realized that they looked too yellow.  We only looked at Macy's though since we had so many gift cards there.  We ended up going with white and honestly I think it will look fine.

    Demkoj, have you thought of having the guys wear lilac shirts?
  • My DH wore an ivory tux, and my dress was "alabaster" (aka ivory).

    My dad got an ivory shirt from Men's Wearhouse to go with his suit.

    Honestly, though, I don't think it's going to matter.  Even with DH and I both in shades of white, no one was holding our clothing together checking colors. 
  • I agree, my dress was ivory (same as yours whitney as it was a modern trousseau) and all the guys wore white shirts.  I agree with PP that sometimes the ivory shirt can almost look discolored and yellowish.
  • Thanks everyone! I actually just found a shirt at Brooks Brothers, it's called "ecru" and is a little lighter than the ivory at  Men's Wearhouse. It's also 40% off if you buy 4 or more, which we are, so it really isn't a bad price!
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    My dress was ecru (had way more color than ivory) and the groomsmen wore ivory shirts.  My nephew (the ring bearer) was given a shirt that was a lot more yellow than everyone else's shirts, and we were very concerned that the color would be totally off, but honestly, it wasn't that bad unless you laid the fabrics on each other.  It wasn't noticeable once they were dressed.  They all went well enough with my dress.  You can't tell that they're wearing different colored shirts at all in the photos either.   We did take test photos with pure white shirts against my dress, and you could see a difference.

    Just to give you an idea.  I had a cream colored sweater on over a pure white dress in this photo and you notice the difference only if you're looking for it.

    You can't see the differnece in my nephews shirt here

    This shows their shirts with my dress
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  • jjswinjjswin member

    My dress is like yours and I said the same thing to myself. After seeing the Ivory shirts at Men Wearhouse I thought they looked "dirty" so I ended up going with while. Hoping I made the right decision.

  • I heard about the ivory shirt thing but remember that the men don't need to match you - they need to look great on their own.   They're not even going to be next to you all night so the choice in attire should really be about what color shirt flatters THEM the most.

    One other thing to keep in mind - the color may look dingier and it's harder for many people to wear creamy / yellow tones.  Crisp white pops against contrasting colors and flatters the complexion of more people.
  • I was just having this conversation with FI yesterday! The consultant at Men's Wearhouse suggested that we go with the ivory shirts because my dress is ivory, but I thought they looked kind of "dirty" as well. FI is going to ask them to change it to white because we just thought it looked nicer! Good luck!
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  • Thanks for the input!

    Banana- I've heard the opposite about ivory vs. white. When I was dress shopping, I was told often that a pure white dress doesn't flatter most skin tones and that is why most girls go with ivory or another shade of white.
  • Go with the Ivory.  It will compliment your gown and will look nice in the pictures.  We did light greysuits and ivory shirts.

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