Thank you card message for guests without cards......

Ladies-I'm in the process of writing thank you notes and notice there was not a card from a few guest.  I'm pretty organized so I don't think I misplaced them.  If I misplaced it then shame on me!  The concern is not about the card or gift but about the message in the card.  Should I just write something personal and not mention the gift???  I don't feel comfortable asking??  Please help!

Re: Thank you card message for guests without cards......

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    Most people don't do thank you cards for guests who didn't bring a gift.  What are you thanking them for?  It may just rub it in their face that they didn't get you a gift.

    The reception is supposed to be the thank you to the guests for coming to the wedding, the thank you cards for the gifts.
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    I would write a card thanking them for coming and say something personal like-it was great to dance to our favorite song together or it's great to hear your daught Susie is the lead in the play!  I personally wouldn't want to risk not thanking someone that did bring a card that was misplaced.  I would never be offended by a thank you note for coming to a wedding, just dont' mention any gifts.
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    I completely agree with the previous poster - I wrote a Thank You card to everybody who attened our wedding.  It's not really about who brought a gift and who didn't but that they took time to come and celebrate your day with you and your husband.  LIke pp said, thank them for coming and sharing your day with them and something personal.
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    Thanks ladies!
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