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Missouri-Kansas City

KC dress shops

Hello Ladies,
I'm a DFW knottie but I am originally from KC. I will be in town in 2wks for dress shopping w/my mom and sister. I was wondering if you ladies can give me some reviews. I plan on going to The Gown Gallery and Rosies Bridal. I've never been to each just saw them on the knot. So what do you think about these places?
TIA :)
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Re: KC dress shops

  • prideeinpynkprideeinpynk member
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    I liked the Gown Gallery. They were very helpful and made me feel pretty special. :D However, I didn't end up buying my dress from there just because I had already found one at DB that I loved. Their location is weird so much sure you get a good description from them about how to get inside.

    The only other stores I went to were DB in Lenexa, which was great but typical DB, and Mia's in Olathe. I cannot recommend Mia's. I went in twice and I just felt like they were very snobby. Helpful, but snobby. Also, the 2nd time I went in I stood at the counter for at least 3 minutes while the 5 girls standing in front of me ignored me. Not cool...

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    I went to Ida's, DB, Gown Gallery, and Mia's.  I thought Ida's had great customer service and DB was pretty good too - however I went first thing on a Thursday morning so they were pretty empty.  The Gown Gallery was ok for me (they weren't very friendly and both times I went I had to wait for awhile).  I ended up buying my dress at Mia's as the PP mentioned she didn't like Mia's but I had the exact oppostie experience, they were always nice and I never had to wait I also have purchased a bridesmaid dress from Mia's and didn't have a bad experience with that either.  It might depend on the consultant you get
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    I bought my dress, bm dresses, tuxes, and veil from Gown Gallery.  They have a new location downtown that is very neat, but still being finished in some respects.  I will say I've had the chance to work with a few different consultants and there are some I like better than others.  If you are there on a weekend, expect it to be busy. 
    I ultimately ended up buying my dress from there because Gown Gallery was one of the only boutiques who carried (and were having a trunk show) of the designer I was interested in. 
    I've heard great things about Bridal Extradionare as well.
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    I just bought my dress from Gown Gallery this past Saturday as well.  As previously stated, you do need to get directions on how to get in & expect it to be very busy on a Saturday.  My appointment was at 1:30 & we didn't get started until almost 2:00 but the dresses they had in my price range made it worth the wait.  I happen to live downtown as well & was really happy to have the opportunity to support a downtown business too.

    Good luck!
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    I went to Rosies, Amore, and Natile M's.  I did not like Rosies at all.  The dresses are kept in the back and they just bring them out to you.  They kept bringing things with lace when i said that i didnt like lace.  If I stated why i didn't like a dress they girl that was helping me gave me a hard time.  

    Amore was good.  I worked Heather and she was great.  She was quick getting me in and out of dresses and very friendly.

    Natile M's was good too.  I came in looking for a specific dress, and one of their employees dug deep till he found it.  They do have a lot of prom stuff, but some mothers dresses too.  
  • HammysGirlHammysGirl member
    edited December 2011
    I went to Gown Gallery eaaarrrrly one morning when they were in their old location (it was one of their moving sales, actually). This is the only place I went to look for my own dress. When I showed up, I was the only one there so I didn't have to wait or anything. I feel like my expereince was "Ok" - nothing stellar but nothing terrible either. The only "down side" was that we weren't allowed to take pictures of the different dresses, which hasn't seemed to be an issue at any other store that I've gone to with other brides/friends.

    I'd recommend Gown Gallery, Ida's (going there tonight for my bff's first fitting), David's Bridal and Bridal Extraordinaire.

    Good luck!

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    Amore Bridal and Tuxedo...it is in Idependence pretty close to Rosie's.  I have been to Rosie's (when I had previously been engaged I bought a dress from there and their customer service is not that great...they can be kind of rude and don't have a very big selection), David's Bridal (again with customer service...I felt like I was being pushed too much there and wanted something more unique than what they had to offer) The Bridal Mansion and Amore...I LOVED the service at Amore above everywhere else.  Heather there is AMAZING!!!  I have ended up getting just about everything for my wedding there, from my shoes, hair piece, bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos and my mothers dress. 

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