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Anybody looking at Crystal Rose Highlands Ranch location???

I am just curious what your experience has been with them? Were they nice? do they help you out with anything? reasonable?? Thank you :) any advice is great!

Re: Anybody looking at Crystal Rose Highlands Ranch location???

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    I got married at the Denver location.  All I can say is, I am so glad that I made the decision to get married at the Crystal Rose.  They worked with me from day 1 to the very end and we couldn't have been happier.  I was so fortunate that our coordinator was wonderful and getting married there was best.  The food was great, service was top notch, DJ was wonderful, wait staff was wonderful.  It was very affordable and included almost everything I needed. 

    I have been to the Highlands Ranch location for my food tasting and they are all very similar and charming.  I have nothing but good things to say about the Crystal Rose.Laughing
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    from the beginning Brian at the Highlands Ranch location acted like it was a hassle to answer my questions. He would always say, "I have been doing this for twenty years, I know what I'm doing!" That is great you know what you are doing, but most women getting married this is our first time and last time. We want the day to be special. I will skip to the day of the wedding. We got there at 10:00 am on a Friday and started to get ready. Paid for the location (10:00am-1:00am) Little did I know 12:00 pm comes around and a bride walks in with about 20 people saying she has her rehearsal? I wouldn't have been bothered by this if someone would have told me? We had paid our flower lady to have flowers for each pillar outside so my mom had asked Brian if we could move the flower pots that he has out of the way so the focal point would be more on the flowers up high. (they were half dead) He said, are you kidding me? Rolled his eyes and moved them. We would have gladly moved them ourselves. I paid for an open bar from 7-12 so a few people were buying their own drinks before the wedding. He cut my sister off after one beer and my bridesmaids who drink were not able to have any ? He also added 6 coronas onto my cousins tab and said the father of the bride put these on your tab for the 6 bridesmaids??? Well 2 were pregnant and one does not drink and the other 3 do not drink corona? Made him pay for them anyway after getting in an argument with him. I gave him a video at 2:00 that I had worked on for 4 months and asked if it would be played while everyone is finding their seat, and to make sure it works (video is being played at 7:00) he once again added I have been doing this for 20 years, I know how to do this. Video time comes along and IT DOESNT WORK!!!!) Finally it works and there is no music. So he stops it again and plays his own music!! He had 5 hours to check to see if it works? He was cutting people off throughout the night with drinking- NO ONE WAS DRUNK or out of control. He stopped letting people request music. My brother and family members asked for songs and he did not play them. I was even scared to go up and ask him to say Happy Birthday to my cousin. That is half of the wedding day. Sunday comes around for us to pick up everything (I brought my own chair covers, table linens, sashes, decorated the inside pillars with tooling and xmas lights, I set up everything with my mom) We offered to come in and take this down ourselves because we wanted to reuse everything for a wedding for my cousin. Everything was in trash bags for us which was fine. We later went home to see that instead of unwrapping the tooling and lights they cut all the way up the pillars to leave the tooling and lights in pieces????? My wedding day was beautiful and we all had a great time! Photographer was amazing, staff was amazing, cake was great family was fun, food was great and cake was awesome. The only bad thing was Brian. 50% of my wedding guest made a comment about him the next day and how rude he was. I was happy with everything except for Brian. You work with weddings (a happy time) if you hate your job and its a hassle for you to explain to every bride little details, find a new job
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