Where did you register?

FI and I are headed out to register tomorrow, and I thought I would ask where you were all registering?? Did you find some stores were easier to work with or had a better return policy than others?

Re: Where did you register?

  • We registered at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and JC Penney. 

    Target has a HORRIBLE return policy and limit the number of items you can return without gift receipts.  I got 4 mandolins because people don't know how to scan a registry when buying something and only two people gave me receipts.  They gave me a hard time about returning 3 of the same item.  I was pretty cranky with them after that!

    We had no problems with BBB or JC Penney.  BBB was excellent with returns, including one thing that was broken that we got for our shower in June and I returned in August when we were finally putting things away and realized it was broken.
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  • I'm glad you brought this up- also, when do people usually register???  I don't want to do it to soon.. but I also don't want to wait too long either.
  • We registered in November/December for our July wedding.  We didn't have too much of a problem with items being discontinued but got emails if things were and we were able to update as necessary.  I think if you're within 9 months, or even a year, you're safe.

    I strongly recommend doing a nice mix of registering in-store for things and adding some things online.  We found that some items were only available online and some were only available in-store, so depending on how people were purchasing or where they lived, everyone had an option.
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  • hmm- so Maybe its time to start thinking about that....  Thanks!
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