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North Carolina-Outer Banks



I hope that you ALL are OK!  DC got a 5.8 magnitude earthquake, and I know Char felt it in VA, and Kel and I felt it up here in Central PA.(Even though while calling her I can't understand why she was laughing hysterically at the fact that our building was evacuated!). 

I have never felt anything like that in my life.  It felt like the floor was vibrating and that someone was on the first floor with some type of vibration machine pressed up against the ceiling.  Pix were all out of place on desk.  Crazy.....

I hope that you all are safe!!!!

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Re: Earthquake

  • rebecca2929rebecca2929 member
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    Thanks Philly.  I'm glad you and Kel are both safe.  We felt it a little down here in eastern NC but nothing of the magnitude ya'll had up there. 

    Stay safe everyone!
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    Centered 30 miles NW of Richmond. My little sister was on the 14th floor in the dorms. Great 3rd day of college for her! Stay safe, hope we don't get any aftershocks
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    I felt it in Cleveland- I actually feel kinda car sick from it.
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    My Fiancee felt it all the way up here in RI!!  I was 2 towns north and didn't feel a THING.  So weird!  Glad everyone is okay!  Is someone trying to destroy our beloved wedding destination?!  I hope the hurricane leaves everything in tact out in OBX too...!
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  • OBX2011OBX2011 member
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    Like Russo said....it was in Mineral, VA which is where my boss lives.  She rushed home and all is well, thankfully!  We had one about 6 years or so in VA but this one was definitely stronger....I grabbed her arm and was getting ready to throw her under the desk. 

    Brent tried to be funny and tell me that his work van tipped over while he was inside a house working....then started laughing.  I was not amused in the least bit.  It's pretty safe to say that I think he learned a VERY good lesson in not effing with me over something like this.  I had to explain to him that even though he is from Iowa/Seattle, there is a major fault line that runs North/South right through VA and that the North Anna Nuclear Power Plants sits right ON TOP of this fault line....so yea, NOT funny at all B! 

    @ Russo--You know BoderBoo works at VCU and she said her boss jumped in the hallway and started yelling at everyone to get out of the building as fast as they could.  Boo is safe and is on the way to my office to finish up some printing for the programs....check check!

    Glad to hear that everyone is safe!  Now, I can re-focus on worrying about my brother and this hurricane.  I am seriously scared for him.  Dear God....please watch over him & Kel!!


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    Glad everyone is ok! I know New England has officially had a very ROUGH year weather-wise this year, no earthquakes! Geesh.

    OBX-  Sometimes men (sorry Philly!) dont think about how worried we get when they joke around! And I will be thinking of your brother this week!! We have been watching the weather like crazy, Earl hit last year when we were there but was less severe than they expected, so hopefully by the time it reaches that far north it will have died down!!
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    Glad everyone's ok! I didn't feel it where I am in NC, but people in all the towns surrounding where I was at work felt it. Insane!!
    @ Char - I'll be thinking of your bro this weekend. I think Irene is supposed to get to NC on Saturday. Do you know if he's going to evacuate? People where I am (around Greensboro) are already freaking out about it.
    Is anyone having their wedding this weekend??
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  • edited December 2011
    @ PHILLY....FI and I didn't feel a thing??! I know a lot of people did though. We were sitting in Costco and the man behind us felt it? Weird, we didnt? Lights were shaking though.. I hope everyone and their families are safe. Hoping Irene stays far east, and doesn't affect the coasts at all!!
  • ksj10032782ksj10032782 member
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    KR- the other girl in my office didn't feel it and I did! @ Scheff- Philly does it too, on our walk last night, he tried to tell me there was a bear over in the woods! It ended up being a tree stump.
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    What Kelly doesn't tell you though is that I KNEW it was a tree stump and wanted to scare the bejesus out of her!  It worked for a few minutes. :-)  Knowing that her "rooster" would protect her and that she was safe and sound......
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