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D is getting married outdoors next summer. She can have music played through a speaker system from an ipod, hire the DJ to do this or hire ceremony musicians (String trio/quartet). I'm not thrilled with using an ipod. What is common these days for outdoor ceremonies?

Re: Outdoor music options

  • I had a string trio for my ceremony music and was absolutely thrilled with this.   The nice thing about having a musician perform vs. a recorded track is that I think it is easier to transition between the songs in the processional.  If you have a recorded track that isn't the exact length of time that it will take people to walk down the aisle, I think it fades in and out strangely. 

    Mostly I think it depends on your budget.  Ceremony musicians will likely be the most expensive option.  I think all 3 of those options are acceptable.
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  • Also it sounds odd, but check out any communicty colleges or local music groups that might want to earn some extra money by performing your ceremony. If there aren't any colleges or adult muscial groups, try checking out local theaters and ask if they use live music - you may be able to find experienced and great performers for less than you think!
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  • We hired a harpist. She was fabulous! She also had a her own PA system, so she brought that along and set it up, so that she could be heard better by everyone. No one expected a harpist, and the music was beautiful.
  • We had a guitarist at our outdoor wedding.  I wanted live music and my husband likes the guitar so that is what we decided on.  We found a great musician who could play a variety of music.  It turned out really well. 

  • We have hired a violonist.  She is only 125 dollars, which in my mind is well spent because I don't have to worry about something happening with pre recorded music.  We were give the IPOD/DJ suggestion as well, but neither of them seemed like a good option to me.

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  • We are having a Brass Quartet. We thought it was different and fun at the same time!
  • I'm having an outdoor tented "wedding celebration" in my MIL's backyard and we will be hiring a DJ. I prefer a mix for all ages/types at the party.
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