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  • I don't think you're being a Bridezilla at all... I think it was completely selfish and thoughtless of your bridesmaid to do what she did. Did she have an explanation for her actions? Did she misunderstand and think that was the final decision and there were no further questions? If she is refusing to try and remedy the situation and wants nothing to do with buying another dress, you need to decide whether or not you want her in your wedding badly enough to pay for the dress yourself, because that'll be the only option at that point. I feel like there must be a piece of this story missing because I can't imagine why she would go out of her way to order the dress if it was crystal clear that you were still undecided... But ultimately, it's your day and your vision. Don't let her dictate what your bridesmaids will wear.
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  • It seems as if she thought that was the dress you'd chosen and since you sent the link out she bought that dress.  You are being a bit of a bridezilla, it seems as if there was simply a misunderstanding and I wouldn't expect her to buy another dress, being in a wedding isn't cheap.  Would you be open to your bridesmaids wearing different style dresses in that color?  There is no reason to be mad at her or hold a grudge, it's just a dress and in the end it won't really matter, it's best to just move on and find an alternate solution.
  • I agree with xctennis. Each girl could wear the same color in their own style. That way there will be a better chance that each of your bridesmaids will be able to use their dress again, and they'll all feel comfortable in a style they like. 

    If you can't imagine your bridesmaids wearing different styles and you MUST have this girl buy another dress, I think you should send her this link: It's a bridesmaid's best friend! She can resell the dress she bought (at a loss) and if you're feeling generous, maybe you could offer to make up the difference.

    Being a bridesmaid is a big commitment and she's doing you a favor by agreeing to stand with you. Try to appreciate her friendship and be patient with her :-)
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  • Each girl doesnt need to wear the same style dress.  Just make sure they are the same color and same fabric (bc otherwise it may look a diff color in pictures).  I think you and your bridesmaid should talk things out see where each other is coming from.  YOu dont want to be pissed at each other when standing up there
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