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Where to get cheap mini herb pots?

So I'm considering doing mini-herb centerpieces/favors. My wedding is not til August of next year, but I'm wanting to start collecting materials, especially since I'd like to grow the herbs from seed if possible (only about 60 guests, and about half of that number are children who will just have coloring books instead :)

I've been doing searches about mini planters and small pots but i haven't found anything that's the 'right price' yet. I'm wanting to get the pots for about $1 each... I guess I could check out a dollar store (do they have stuff like this??) but I thought I'd ask you guys first.

Have any of you ladies done something like this? Where did you get your pots?

Re: Where to get cheap mini herb pots?

  • I'm doing this as well. We are getting our terracottw pots from Michaels. Michaels also gives discounts if you order in bulk. They are about $1 each before discount. We are getting the taller/skinnier ones because I will be getting my herbs from a local greenhouse because I have terrible luck with planting seeds (I can only ever get 50% of them to grow) so by going through the greenhouse I am assured to get the exact amount that I need of each type of herb. The taller pots I feel will be easier to transplant to as most greenhouse trays produce roots in tall skinny soil bunches. Also, just a thought, we are going to paint on the pots with paint pens meant for that use (sold next to the pots) and it will say "Nick & Amber - Seasoned With Love - May 18, 2013".
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