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Ideas for Bachelorette

I am the MOH for an October wedding.  We are planning to do the bachelorette in mid-Sept, but I'm having trouble with ideas.  The bride is more of a home-body and would not be into the traditional bachelorette.  I'm thinking something along the lines of a cooking class or going to see a play, but am not loving those 2 ideas.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  We are in the Philly/Delaware area.

Re: Ideas for Bachelorette

  • trix1223trix1223 member
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    Concert;  amusement park;  sporting event; slumber party, complete with chick flicks; spa day; dinner at a nice restaurant; movie night; game night; sporting event?  Anything good at the Wachovia Center?

    My DD went to Medieval Times and then Dave and Busters.  My DIL had a "make your own designer handbag party at a factory where they do make bags during the week.  On Saturdays they host private parties.  Each girl chose her own bag design, fabric, and then they taught them how to cut and sew the bags.  They did the finishing work.  Each girl left with a one-of-a-kind handbag and then they all went out for a nice lunch.

    Anything special going on a Longwood Gardens?  Would they enjoy a tour of Nemours in Wilmington followed by a nice lunch or dinner?
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  • loop0406loop0406 member
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    If she's a homebody, maybe a spa-day ?
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  • omgitsrojoomgitsrojo member
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    i consider myself to be more of a homebody- and for my b-party, we went for mani/pedis, then to a cooking class in downtown chicago (The Chopping Block- I don't know if they have those out by you too). It was AWESOME! I found out that our party brought our own alcohol and drinks, since it was more to get it from the place. Then, we all made dinner and dessert. Everyone LOVED it and you really learn a lot of neat cooking tricks.

    I thought it was such a great idea- I would recommend you look into this more
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    You could do a "toy" party, mani/pedi day, spa day, or just make it a day of endulgements.  And that doesn't have to be a bad thing... maybe just ask her what she would like if you are out of ideas.

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    We are having my bachelorette party at a house too...we are setting it up as a photo shoot studio, and all of the girls are going to watch girlie wedding movies - slumber party style and do our hair and makeup for boudoir photos! Get all glammed up!   So, each girl will leave with something - a photo for their spouse or boyfriend.  Cute idea, right??

    We are trying to find a theme for the party...so far we like the Lady Marmalade theme or even something like Cabaret! 

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    My friend is getting married next weekend and we are having her bachelorette this in just a few days. I helped her sister (MOH) plan the party and we decided to play the "Whose Underwear" game... Every guests brings the bride to be a pair of panties or some kind of lingerie and we are hanging a clothes line up in her backyard and hanging all of the attire that everyone brings. Each guests gets a clothes pin to write their name on and the bride to be will have to guess who's taste is who's! Just a fun little game to share all of the presents and embarrass the bride one more time!! Should be a good time. Good luck with all of your planning!
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    For the  Bachelorette party ideas, maybe you should try for make-up party complete with pictures and drinks or even the sleep over pajama party idea is great too!  I'm not sure if you or the other members of the wedding party are wine drinkers but maybe even buy a bottle of wine that you enjoy and have a potluck dinner during a late afternoon followed by chick flicks later on...
    Good Luck!!! 
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    I am totally a spa-day kind of girl.  If you all have the $$, I would go to a spa (not just mani/pedis) and really get pampered!
  • awit77awit77 member
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    one of my friends went to a bachelorette party and she said they had a pajama themed party, did mani/pedis, watched wedding movies, and had margaritas. it was like a middle school sleepover and everyone had so much fun.
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