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Lets talk Cake!

What are you ladies doing as far as design and flavors for your cake?  I have an appt this Saturday and next and I can't seem to find a design that I LOVE. 

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Re: Lets talk Cake!

  • I found one on the internet actually that I am stealing and tweaking and making my own.  Flavor wise was easy b/c I do cupcakes so I already know what flavors would be great. Now to just make the drive down there to meet with the bakery!
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  • This is all my FI.  He's been big into video games, role playing, and stuff like that most of his life, so we are getting a 3-tier cake, with a sculpture of a dragon coming over the top of the cake and the 2 of us on the 2nd tier fighting it off with a sword and shield.  We found a cake designer who is super excited to do something different than the standard wedding cake.  She drew the whole thing up for us on the spot, and is going to sculpt the figures out of fondant and/or modeling chocolate.

    We are also getting 1/2 sheet cakes to serve the majority of our guests.

    They don't charge us extra for getting multiple flavors, so we're going with the following:

    lemon cake with raspberry mousse filling and buttercream frosting (this is for the 3 tier)
    pink champagne with whipped filling and frosting
    german chocolate (will be half traditional, and half a version that the bakery does)
    white cake with bailey's mousse and whipped frosting
  • bburkel those flavors sound amazing!

    We are doing pies. However our flavors are apple, triple berry, lemon meringue and chocolate cream :) We decided on these not only because they were our favorites, but also because they are all very different.

    I will also be making a batch of gluten free cupcakes since there are a few guests (along with myself) that are gluten free.
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  • We will be having cupcakes displayed on a tier stand with a small round cake on top for presentation and cutting. If I recall the bakery said 3 or 4 flavors and we have 2 picked so far - salted caramel & a double chocolate (rich cake w/chips and choc buttercream frosting). In the spring they will have some seasonal flavors such as lemon for us to try before we make final choices. I think the top will be very simple - white/ivory with a royal blue ribbon going around its base. I have yet to get the cake topper but it will be a groom in a baseball pitcher's stance and the bride up to bat!
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  • We're doing a 4 tier white chocolate cake with buttercream frosting.  It'll be ivory buttercream and then it'll just look messy and rustic.  

    It was cheap considering there was no design cost but we liked the simplicity and her cakes taste amazing.
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  • I don't know what kind of cake yet but as far as design, I want simple. Three square teirs with chocolate mouse frosting (so yes, it will be brown) and champagne colored ribbon wrapped around each tier. 
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    We are have 2 'cakes.' One is a three tier buttercream square light grey cake with a few purple fondant ribbons going around each layer, but angled up and down around the corners. There is a layer each of chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet.

    The other is a round PacMan cake "chasing" three lines of cupcakes- the upper and lower wall and the middle with the dots and some of the ghosts. I think these are all chocolate, but I don't remember. 

    This way, we both got the cake we wanted! Also, some of my family has celiac disease and need to be gluten free, so the PacMan and one of the cupcake rows is going to be gluten free.
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  • Nt sure yet. I Ike simple looking cakes. I want multiple favors probably red velvet, vanilla and lemon raspberry.
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  • Our cake baker has set designs that you can work within so that actually made our decision a lot easier. Also helped that what we had envisioned was similar to one of her designs. Its 4 tier cake with flowers cascading down the side. Not sure if we'll have flowers on top or a cake topper yet.
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  • FI and I didnt' want a cake but my mom really wanted us to have one, so I'd like to surprise her by having our cake modeled after my parent's cake. Not exactly sure about flavors.

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  • We had it all set with our baker to do a 3 teir round cake with the top tier separated and pink orchids placed on each tier, but now I want something with pearls and no flowers after seeing this picture:

    We're going to talk to her and see what we can do in our budget.

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  • I am posting this from my phone so I can't post pics of our cake but our cake will be a 3 tier square cake with ombrea inspired pinwheels ranging from dark fuschia to light with navy Blue accents. It will be covered in white fondant. Flavors were originally going to be pink champagne and french vanilla but after eating some of the left over cake the pink champagne started to taste like bubble gum. So now we may either go with French vanilla for all 3 layers or we may go the with the almond sour cream flavor which was also amazing!!! I will post pictures when I get home.
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  • we are having a four tier wedding cake and I will probably do a mix of hexagonal and circular layers. I LOVE the rose swirls that seem to be gaining in popularity so 2 layers will have that. The other two will have gold ribbon around it (probably in varying sizes w/flowers and our monogram cake topper on top.

     top (anniversary) tier -- chocolate with raspberry filling
    2nd & 3rd tiers -- white with raspberry and vanilla filling
    Bottom tier -- red velvet with cream cheese filling

    I'm probably going to surprise FI with a Philadelphia sports groom's cake too Laughing
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  • Our flavor is lemon cake with raspberry filling (is filling the right word?). My mom suggested the combo & it sounded good!

    I love simple designs and found some great inspiration on Pinterest. I gave the baker some pics of cakes I like and am letting him figure it out. I figure he's the pro! Hopefully my trust in the expert pays off!
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  • Wow-so many cool ideas!!  My thought is I want something simple and romantic but can't seem to find one I really like.  Hopefully the baker can help us come up with something amazing and of course delicious!! 

    Melb2013:  LOVE the pearls!  I may have to incorporate pearls somehow!!

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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Lets talk Cake!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Wow-so many cool ideas!!  My thought is I want something simple and romantic but can't seem to find one I really like.  Hopefully the baker can help us come up with something amazing and of course delicious!!  Melb2013:  LOVE the pearls!  I may have to incorporate pearls somehow!!
    Posted by jojo01041982[/QUOTE]

    <div>Thanks!  I LOVE pearls in general :)  I saw a few other cakes on pinterest with pearls, but this was the only one with strands of pearls, which I like better.  I like how they are all different sizes, and I'd really like them to be in different shades of white, pink, and black (well gray) pearls.  Those happen to be our wedding colors too.</div>

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  • Mmmm! These all sound so yummy! I have a very classic design. It will have two tiers stacked on top of each other, then the third tier held up with pillars, and the top tier held up with pillars. Flowers will be flowing over the sides between the pillared tiers and it will have infinity symbol edging with scrolls on the sides. It will be a raspberry filled white cake with almond extract instead of vanilla and one tier will be red velvet. All of the icing will be cream cheese icing. We will also be having strawberry rhubarb pie and peanut butter pie. FI's grooms cake is going to be all peanut butter and wil be a replica of his fave guitar.
  • All that I know so far is that we want a 3-tiered round cake w/ just textured buttercream and no fondant. We also want a cascade of sugar flowers coming down and around the cake with a couple random flowers throughout. 

    As far as flavors go, we are definitely doing one tier as red velvet with cream cheese icing and another tier with I'm not sure which flavor cake but with hazelnut cream.

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  • FI's old neighbor is doing ours, so we will probably meet with her soon to discuss it. This is something FI wanted a big part in, of course lol, so he took over the design. It's hard to even describe but he found it in one of his mom's cake books. He wanted it to be unique... its circular layers that are offset... but not like the alice in wonderland looking type cakes, lol Hopefully we'll get a draw up soon of it. As for flavors, as of now it's red velvet, white, and white and chocolate swirl with buttercream icing. Not sure if he wants filling or not.
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  • We're doing mini cupcakes and can choose 6 flavors. We also get a 6 inch top cake so that we can still have the cake cutting tradition. 

    The top will def. be red velvet. 
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