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Place settings, glassware,etc.

I was wondering what those of you who had your receptions at event homes did for dinnerware, glassware, etc. Seems strange that the caterers do not provide this. Did the catering staff clean up and do dishes? Or are we responsible for this too? I am really worried I made a bad decision to have my weeding at an OBX event home. There are so many extra things that we are responsible to provide, the logistics and prices are freaking me out!  

Re: Place settings, glassware,etc.

  • Did you pick a caterer yet?  There are some that include all of that.  Kelly's and Ortegaz were two that I spoke with that include dishes, silverware, glasses, etc. (Ortegaz uses plastic glassware).
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    I collected mismatched China, bought beverage goblets off of Craigslist, and purchased napkins and table cloths; we rented forks, knives, and champagne flutes. Our cater (Black Pelican) washed everything that was mine in the house's two dishwashers. She packaged the rental items up like they were supposed to be. After the reception/the next morning we bagged all of the linens and I washed them at home. All of those things can be rented, and while more expensive, is easier to deal with! While there are maybe some more logistics involved, you're going to love having your wedding at an event home!
  • Like Jenn said, there are caterers down there that will include them.  I think some of us found that the ones that did include them were either cheaper than renting separately and some found the opposite, that they were more expensive.  It's just part of the research and you aren't required to rent from them either.  I wasn't able to find any silverware in obx that I liked, but I did find the place settings and glasses there.  I also wasn't able to find the exact color of teal and tangerine linens that I was looking for anywhere down there either.  I ended up going to a place close to home and found all of the silverware I needed as well as part of my linens and it ended up being cheaper!  We went by the day before we left and they had 2 large tubs with our items, so it was easy to transport.  I mean really, we were already taking what seemed like everything we owned down with us, so what's 2 more tubs, right?  ;) 

    ohhh, and they only charged for renting them for 1 day :)  I told them we were getting married at the beach and they completely understood and didn't try to gouge us for an entire week!

    Hope this helps!


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