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Downtown Denver Wedding

Hi everyone,
We are in Los Angeles but are going to get married in Denver in the early fall. We both went to college in Denver so we know the area well but unfortunately we are not sure where to get married and have an immediate reception. We think downtown would be most convenient for our guests but are open to other locations as well. Does anyone have any ideas or opinions on_

The Denver Art Museum
Tivoli Student Union
Oxford or Magnolia Hotel
Mile High Station

We will be visiting soon but if anyone can steer us one direction or the other it would be amazing. Really any advise at all would be helpful. Thanks!

Re: Downtown Denver Wedding

  • JessieR933JessieR933 member
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    I would also check out some of the galleries at the art district on Santa Fe. Right next to down town.

    I do not know much about those venues. Sorry.
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    i looked at the magnolia hotel, and it is pricey, outside catering and weird

    HOWEVER, that being said their ceremony space in the "wine" cellar was unique and awesome

    the other ones i can't say much about

    have you looked into the brown palace?
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    I think you are mixing up the Magnolia and the Hotel Monaco.  The Hotel Monaco has a wine cellar that you can get married in not the Magnolia.

    The Magnolia has two separate spaces, either the club room with a large water feature or a more formal ball room that is on street level.  I had my reception at the Magnolia on 10/09/10 and Kate was amazing to work with, the food was awesome and all made on site, and all of our guests loved the hotel accomodations.  It right in the middle of downtown so there is easy access to everything.   If you want more information let me know.  I can also send you some pictures if you would like.
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    yes, you're right! my bad!
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  • masked_rose86masked_rose86 member
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    I seriously considered the Oxford.  I think we could have swung it, but I didn't like how expensive the hotel rooms would be for our guests and we were going to have 75-80% of our guests needing a hotel room and I wanted it to be at our hotel location...

    It was an amazing space though, right next to Union Station.  I wasn't sure if the room felt a little tight, but it was hard to picture.  I highly suggest looking into it.

    The wedding coordinator/planner was also SO nice.  I would have really liked working with her.

    Just fyi though, they have a $10,000 minimum.
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  • masked_rose86masked_rose86 member
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    **I should add this was back in August 2008 that I received that quote.  It certainly could have changed (up or down) since then.
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  • misspaula54misspaula54 member
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    Maybe try the convention center; it looks beautiful :D

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    Fi is the exec sous chef at the convention center.  There are some awesome spaces there but very pricey.  If you are looking for a hotel there are several as you know.  If you want something with a view, that leaves with only a few options.  Kris the Hyatt across from the convention center is awesome.  We looked at having ours downtown but all of our guests would have had to pay for parking and we didn't want that.  The Hyatt Regency DTC is beautiful, has a view and it won't costs the guests to park.  They are giving us a room rate of $79.

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    I photographed a wedding at the Tivoli in January.  I have some pics on their blog sneak peek here:

    The tivoli was neat because it has really old beer signs in the hallways and in the room where the ceremony and reception took place they have these two huge copper (I think they are copper although I'm not sure) kettles from when it was a brewery.  So if you and your fiance are into beer, it is a pretty cool location.  Another thing I liked about the space were the distressed brick walls. 

    The downside is that it's not really walking distance to most of the hotels downtown.  But there is the lightrail right there on campus (although it's on the other end of campus right?) and it would be a really really short cabride. 
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  • kdsddskdsdds member
    edited December 2011
    We considered the Oxford--super nice and awesome onsite wedding coordinator, but as pp, hotel rooms are expensive.  
    We're getting getting married in 2 weeks at the University Club.  Things have been great so far.  The Warwick hotel is nearby and gave us a great rate for a hotel block.
  • whitwadswhitwads member
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    WOW! Thanks so much everyone all the advise is really great. We are taking a trip to Denver at the end of this month to check out venues. We will keep you all informed if we learn anything worth passing along. 

    JessieR I checked a few of those galleries down Santa Fe and they look really cool. I think our wedding might be too big for some of the spaces but I think they could be awesome for the rehearsal dinner.

    Masked Rose that is a great point about our guest hotel pricing. I wouldn't have thought about til too late I am sure! 

    MissPaula the convention center looks really nice and it would be really easy for everyone if we chose the DT Hyatt for our guests to stay, great idea. 

    April Ramone that wedding really does look great at the Tivoli, we will check out that space for sure.

    Really, thanks everyone! I will keep in touch.

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    I looked at the Magnolia Ballroom.  If you can afford it, it's beautiful.  It's super pricey though.  You might want to check your old college - sometimes they can host weddings and be very affordable! 
  • The DutchessThe Dutchess member
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    Check out the Center for Visual Art at 925 Santa Fe Drive in Denver.  Brand new venue and beautiful.  I believe it costs $1500 to rent. 

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    Hi, Just wondering how much the Hyatt Regency in DTC cost? I couldn't find a price on their webpage. Did you get married and have a reception there?

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    I actually just photographed a wedding at the Mile High Station...it's an amazing venue however I would say that because its such a large venue it feels a little empty if you don't have enough people to fill it. You can see some photos here: www.freshinlove.com

    I have also photographed a wedding at the 910 Art Gallery on Santa Fe....super cool area and venue! You can see some photos here: http://freshinlove.com/denver-art-gallery-wedding  Its a smaller space so maybe better depending on how many people you have coming to your wedding 

    If you want to be in touch with either of the brides from these weddings to ask any questions about the venues/caterers etc I can PM their emails to you.

    Hope this helps somewhat. Below is from the Mile High Station Wedding...the lights are soooo cool!!

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