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and stuff is starting to go wrong

So yesterday, which was 4 days out from my wedding I get a text message from my HS friend that her and her husband can't come to the wedding anymore becuase his mother had surgery and they have to take care of her.
Then after my train was delayed an hour  last night and I just made it to my final hair appt by the skin of my teeth, I get an email from the music director at my church that the violinist has cancelled because she has another event that night starting at 4 and she won't have enough time to do both. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  she suggested a replacement violinist but my music director has so far been unable to get in touch with her. He feels awful, I'm pissed and I can't believe how unprofessional this woman is. I had her name printed in the program and now I may not even have a violinist which is the one thing I wanted at the church. Had I known this could happen, I would have just booked someone myself and had a contract. I thought the music director had a guarantee.
What will today bring?

Re: and stuff is starting to go wrong

  • Sorry about your friend, unfortunatly you can't predict those type of things. My FMIL had a stroke this past Sunday and won't be at our wedding. We will go visit her after but it is not the same. Disapointed, naturally we are but more important is her recovery.
    The violinist would piss me off though, you mean she didn't know she had 2 commitments on the same day? That is unprofessional and rude.
    Best of luck that the rest of the week goes smoothly.
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  • Sorry about your friend.  Unfortunately stuff like that happens and is out of your control.  With the violinist, can you contact a local high school orchestra teacher and see if they could help replace yours?  Or, look up members in a local community chamber orchestra.
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