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April 2013 Weddings

AW: Big checks this weekend

We book our florist and photographer and FI ordered his ring off of overstock.  Things are starting to feel so real.  I can't believe things are going so quickly already!
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Re: AW: Big checks this weekend

  • Yay! Congrats on your checks! 

    Pics of the ring? Flower ideas? 

    We have our photog and that's about it. We're waiting for an offer from a venue and the chapel won't let us book until April 1st. Ugh. 

    Do you ever have the feeling that you're getting too much checkd off too early and you won't have anything to do at all closer to the date? I want to pace myself, but it's hard!


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  • I am so type A that everything needs to be checked off now. lol  I would much rather get the big things done early before they book and work on the details later.  He went with one of the tungsten rings, they are supposed to be very durable.  I am a little sad it can't be engraved later on but I can always get him a nicer ring later since this one was only $50.
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  • I totally have that feeling. i have the dress venue & church, dj and photographer booked....im giving myself tasks to keep busy....made 3 of those hangers with the names :)

    i have a question what is tungsten? i have seen that is it just a metal?? like gold? never heard of it but seeing it around a lot in men's jewellry
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  • Tungsten is a really strong metal.  It can't be cut off with a regular ring cutter but people in hospitals in such have a tool to cut it off with.  It doesn't scratch easily and is sturdy.  FI chose it because it was cheap and sturdy.  The white gold band that looked EXACTLY the same was $1400 which is ridiculous.  Especially since FI loses things at least once a week.
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  • awesome checks!!!!
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  • Great job! :)
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  • FI wants a black carbide ring. Those are pretty inexpensive, which makes me happy since he's the same way. He's so hard on all of his belongings. 

    So far, we've checked off photog and dress, with venues being set next week. Once the summer hits, we won't be doing any planning again until August, so those bigger things were musts to have out of the way. DJ, flowers, and everything else is waiting. 

    "You're our early 20's BSC scarecrow. They cower at your maturity." - lennonkdc Anniversary
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