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One of my classes is 80% group work. My group has 10 members, so it's really hard to get everyone together to meet (especially since we're all 3rd, 4th, and 5th year students). I have a full-time course load + 3 part time jobs, so my schedule is especially tight. My group (or just a couple of members I think) seems to have a habit of scheduling meetings without consulting everyone, and the times never work with my schedule. It's incredibly frustrating! I hate group work! And I'm sure they all think I'm not pulling my weight, but I can't be there if I have to be at work or in class. And I can't do any work if they don't tell me what I missed at the meeting (even when I specifically ask...). 

Any tips for dealing with this? Right now, I'm pretty sure they all think I'm a huge b!tch who thinks the world revolves around her, but I'm not, I swear!
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Re: Group Work

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    I feel you, group work stinks =/

    Can you talk to the professor and let them know that you are having trouble pulling your weight? I think if you let them know that you're aware of the issue and why it's happening before someone else in the group comes to them complaining, they'd understand. And maybe suggest some tips that they have?

    As far as getting something done, what kind of project is it? Can you do some background research and email the group a copy so that they know you're doing something? Or could you write up a quick draft of something for them to work on? Anything to let them know that you're thinking about the project and trying to contribute would be good, I think.
  • No suggestions but I totally agree with you! Group work in college is so much flippin' work! It's too hard to coordinate to everyone's schedules and is more work and effort to get together than the actual project takes!
  • def annoying my semester is all condensed courses (thanks program planner....someone oopsed on that one!), and they ALL have groupwork in now we pretty much some group project due every week for 4 different classes, and are in school all day every day...when exactally they expect us to do this groupwork is beyond me. I wouldnt advise saying anything unless you are willing to drop a couple courses (possibly become a part time student), cuz thats usually how the school looks at it - school comes before your jobs, and if you cant handle it or afford to just be full time school they dont care...harsh but true. But trust me i feel your pain and vent any time you need to!

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  • I'm giving them another week before I go whining to the prof. I really don't want to do that. I'll still be talking to him about the size of our group at some point during the term regardless of how things go - 10 people is way too many, and makes it difficult to work effectively.

    I am definitely still pulling my weight in the group - in fact, I saved their sorry a$$es at 10:30pm on a Friday two weeks ago when they hadn't finished or handed in an assignment that was due at midnight (I had finished my part well previous to the deadline). I offer to do background work when I can't make it to meetings as well (I'm not the only one who can't make it...we have yet to have a meeting with everyone in attendance).

    We are now meeting at 10pm tonight. I arrived on campus at 8:30 this morning and won't be leaving other than to go to the gym until after our meeting. Awesome!

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  • Can you find a way to divide up the group into two or three sub-groups that can have meetings when people are available?  Also, getting together in person for a group this size just sounds like a near impossibility, so use email.  A lot.  How large is the class that a group is 10 people? 
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