How far out should you book?

Just wondering how far out people typically book their vendors.

Re: How far out should you book?

  • Totally going to depend on where/when you are getting married. If you want a prime location, like something downtown for instance, you need to book pretty far in advance. And then based on the time of year, places fill up faster too, I think May & June seem to be the most popular in the Indy area.

    A lot of vendors will hold a spot for you without a deposit though. Once we set a date, I started looking and I had my ideal venue pencil us in. Our guest list quickly exceeded capacity there, so I cancelled and started over!


  • we are planning for Nov.We know we have to get the venue first, but how far out should other things be booked?
  • I think for a November wedding you're good to wait until like the 5-6 month mark, especially if you already have a good idea of which vendors you might use and their availability. We booked our DJ probably 8 months out for an October wedding, but that was only to get a discount, and I know they still had DJs available much later because a friend of mine booked them in July for another October event.


  • I think I am going to get some of my vendors next month when we go to the bridal show on the 6th. I've heard htat lots of vendors give bridal show deals/specials.
  • I've already booked my vendors (cake, caterer, photogs, DJ) for my October wedding. I'm planning from Virginia, though, and have limited time in the area to meet with vendors. If you know you want to go with a certain vendor, I don't see why you can't book them now.
  • I have already booked all of my vendors for my Nov. wedding.  We booked almost everything at least a year out.  I knew that we have other major life events this year as well and I had hoped that by planning the wedding and getting everything booked it would make life easier on us.  Instead of making things easier, we were able to add more to the calendar for this year and add stress to our lives.
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