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Romantic Getaways near the metroplex??

Hello ladies! Well in 2 weeks is our wedding and it's going to very simple and intimate ceremony. We're trying not spend that much money and I would to have at least a nice getaway with my hubby. Do you know any romantic getaways near Dallas/Ft.Worth? Somewhere calm and romantic. Any recommendations?

Re: Romantic Getaways near the metroplex??

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    Not sure how close you want to stay, but we were looking for a getaway recently and we considered Hot Springs. It looked nice and relaxing (we ended up going to Vegas instead).
  • We stayed at the Hotel St. Germaine the night of our wedding. It's a B&B in Uptown and we loved it! If you want to go farther, we honeymooned in Fredericksburg and stayed at the Cotton Gin Lodge. It was awesome! We had a whole cabin to ourselves and hardly ever saw another human unless we ventured out for a wine tour or some dinner.



  • I was just in Hot Springs this past weekend! It's definitely nice and relaxing! Maybe try some of the wineries around DFW? Or I've had a friend say Turner Falls is pretty, but I've never been myself.
  • Turner Falls is pretty but very camp-y. Have you looked at Tara Wineries? It's out by Tyler.
  • I will third Hot Springs. We went there 2 years ago and really enjoyed it! We went to the Buckstaff Bath House, had mani-pedis at the Arlington, and went to Oaklawn for some horse racing/casino action. We found a few great bars and restaurants and we would definitely go back for another long weekend. It is special to us now since that was where we got engaged, but even without that I feel like it was a great romantic and relaxing weekend.
  • Tara Vineyard & Winery is located in East Texas approximately 75 miles southeast of Dallas and 5 miles NW of downtown Athens just 1 & 1/2 miles off HWY 175. I pass by their sign quite often but have never been. I am planning on checking it out soon. 
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