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Where to rent a wedding arch?

Does anyone know a good place to rent a wedding arch for a wedding ceremony in Manchester, VT? I've been told to check with some florists, but I might actually be using silk flowers so I don't know if it would be awkward to hire a florist just to set up an arch, then not buy any flowers from them. Thoughts? Thanks!
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Re: Where to rent a wedding arch?

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    My only guess would be to start with VT Tent Company, and if they don't have one, maybe they could recommend someone that does.  Good Luck!
  • Kristen137Kristen137
    edited December 2011
    I've been looking to rent one as well.  VT Tent Co does not have them but I found this great site that says they rent them.  Only problem is I've tried multiple times and can not get them to respond at all!  Here is the site - maybe you will have better luck.
  • Joeller79Joeller79
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    I think Weddings, Tents and Events might rent them as well....

    Please let me know if I can help any further!

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    I'd suggest checking with some different florists in the area. I used to work for a couple different florists and we had quite a few people that would rent arches for proms and weddings without hiring them for any other services. It wasn't at all awkward. You, or someone you know, may have to pick up, decorate, and return the arch yourselves but it's worth checking out. 
    I've contacted Vermont Wedding Props a couple of times via email and they take weeks to get back you!

    Good luck!
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