Wrapping Paper for wedding favours

Hi all,

I'm looking for nice wrapping paper for my bridal shower gifts. I'm thinking about going to the Paper Place on Queen. What do you think of that place? How about the Japanese Paper Place? 
Can you suggest another place where I can get nice wrapping paper at a reasonable price?


Re: Wrapping Paper for wedding favours

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    I always buy wrapping paper at Dollarama because it's cheap and comes in lots of colours, and personally I don't think people really notice the paper much (and it gets thrown out after).

    But the Paper Place gets mentioned a lot on here.  I haven't gone there though.

    Hallmark or Carlton Cards also carry (good quality) wrapping paper, and Walmart/Zellers etc.
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    I think Chapters has a lot of nice stuff too (from Papryus) but probably not up to par with the places you mentioned. It is nice and convenient though!

    Papryus also have some store locations in town including on Bayview.
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    Thanks ladies.

    I went in at Winners today and found great wrapping paper for 3.99 for 30 sq. feet. I find that the Queensway location has more selection for stationery than the Bathurst and Lawrence once. I even found nice thank you cards.

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    Hallmark is having a clearance sale - $20 to fill a box.  You can get wrapping paper, cards, paper plates/cups/napkins, gift bags, etc.  If you want details, let me know.
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    Funny you ask. I was at a store today by chance I noticed their wrapping paper. Very nice! I want to have my gifts with very nice wrapping paper cause I know I would the same back. Especially since it will make my thoughtful gifts I'm giving them. This one is at Bloor Windermere call l'enveloppe Rouge 4167662772. She will wrap them for you. One is from France and is double sided so she can wrap it in a way that shows both sides.
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    creative bags is a great place with a huge selection. 2 locations - Mississauga and Toronto, by Yorkdale Mall
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