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Going to India!!!

So, we booked our flight to Mumbai and we're leaving in March! I'm so excited! I've never been and I'm seriously, super excited. We're hoping to get all of our wardrobe there. Mine, grooms, BM's and GM's. Possibly, invitations. Anything else I'm missing?
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Re: Going to India!!!

  • RELAX! That's the biggest thing to take with you!

    Try not to be too nervous, I was in Delhi to meet the in-laws and they all grew overly concerned with me because they could tell I was afraid! 
  • You seem to be super organized, so I am sure your trip will go really well! Do you know what you want to give out for favors etc? Maybe you could pick them up there? I also bought a bunch of bangles at a wholesaler and put them together in little bunches for women to take as they walked into the ceremony. Maybe something like that?

    Also remember to think about your matching jewlery etc for the outfits you get.

    And like the PP said, remember to enjoy yourself! Have a great time!
  • Oh I will definitely be relaxing. Im not going to ruin my first trip by having the wedding take over. :)@Raangoli, I like the idea of having bangles for the women at the ceremony. As for favors, we were thinking magnets that we were going to order after we have our engagement session. Does that seem cheesy?
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  • Accessories for all your outfits, favors, and gifts for your WP and relatives.

    I would go with the bangles instead of the magnets... Americans especially will really like something a little different than what they've seen at other weddings.

    When are you going?  We're going in April, so if you have any good shopping tips in Mumbai I'd love to hear them!  India's a lot of fun and I'm sure you'll have a great first trip.  Are you going anywhere besides Mumbai?
  • Temurlang, bangles wasn't something we planned on handing out as favors. We have some time to think about it . If anything, we'll decide when we get there. & yes, we're only going to Mumbai. Hopefully 2 weeks is long enough. Will definitely tell you about the shipping and where to go. :)
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  • Oo I'm jealous, that's awesome!  How long are you going for?  Definitely try to get your outfits and bridal party's outfits when you're out there.  If you have time, jewelry and invitations would be good to get too.  I bought invitations from and the shipping from India to the U.S. cost as much as the actual invitations! 
  • Have a great time!!!  I just got back from my first trip there and LOOOOOOOOOVED it!!! 
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