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Today needs to be my most productive day EVER.

Here is what I need to do:

- a big band arrangement
- a woodwind doubles arrangement
- study for my ear training exam
- compose music for 3 short animations
- practice my choral pieces
- do an online astronomy assignment

... I figured if I put it on here, it would motivate me to actually do all this. Seeing this list is scary.

BLARHHHG School needs to be fnished NOW! Who's with me?!

Re: Today needs to be my most productive day EVER.

  • HinajHinaj
    that is ALOT!!!  Althought Astronomy homework sounds way better than writing my English paper. 

    Good Luck!!! 

    Btw, what is ear training exam? 
  • Ear training is a course in my program... It basically is a lot of harmonic and theory exercises that we have to do. It's a one on one practial exam and it's TOUGH :(

    And good luck with your english paper!
  • HinajHinaj
    Wow, I would not have thought a class existed like that.  Sounds tough.  Good luck!!
  • That is a lot to do.  I do the same thing though, write to-do lists in a planner or on the back of whatever just to SEE what I actually have to do in order to get my butt in gear.  Good luck with all of that!  
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  • Ouch, good luck.  I just made one of those for the rest of the semester.  Mine looks a whole lot easier than yours.  Minus the 2 6-10 page papers that are due on the 16th.  No I haven't started. 

    I hope you accomplish everything with flying colors. 
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