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When to start calling guests?

It's 30 days till the wedding!!! YAY...and...EEEKKK!!!!

When should I start calling guest who have not RSVP's to see if they are coming?

Re: When to start calling guests?

  • It depends when your vendors require a final count.  I had to have mine turned in 2 weeks before the wedding so I did it about 3 weeks before.  If they were my parents friends they asked them when they saw them @ church or talked to them & our friends H and I would call and ask.
  • Thank you, I'm going to give it another week then start hunting people down! :)

  • Yeah like Kel I started a week or so before my headcount was due.

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    Thanks girls. Did yall experience, people telling you were going to be there? I'm thinking I sent you a stamped envelope, put that lil gem in the mail!! :) I need a paper trial people! and I get really excited when i see them in the mail!!
  • I had a lot of people tell me verbally that they will be there.  H made a spreadsheet & we kept track that way.  And alot of people that you call will tell you yes and not show up!  :(
  • I have a spreadsheet but i like getting the lil response cards back and its like ok i already addressed them and put the stamp on it how hard is it to walk it to the mailbox.

  • We had a few people who said they'd come and any number of things had happened to the response card.  Most memorably, my cousin in CA who has two young kids THOUGHT she'd mailed the response and then found it in a pile of her son's stuff a few weeks before the wedding.  Whoops.

    You also just run into people everywhere who prefer the "verbal yes" to sending in the invitation every time.  We had some people say, "Oh, we assumed it was a given."  Well, no, you're not WP or parents, so nothing is a given, dude.



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